Baby Patchwork Quilt

I will be on the road for the next few days, but I will be back soon.  I have plans to add some new tutorials and once I am back to my regular printer that actually has a scanner, I will get going on it all.  I found this picture of the first quilt I made for Wyatt.  The fabric is all from JoAnn.  I love that place.  Even though they don’t have all the super cute fabric that you have to get online or at a quilting store, I still love it.  Wyatt loves it too, cause he gets lots of Cheerios while he’s there to keep him happy, and there’s always lots of “mature” ladies to give him attention.

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  1. That’s amazing. Love the material you chose. Man, I want to make each of the projects you just blogged about. Happy Birthday by the way. Oh, and love the pics with Wyatt….he’s so cute and getting big hey?

  2. Hey! How are you guys doing? Wyatt still looks so small to me! I can’t believe that he can still fit in the byorn! When is Joel done school already? Will you guys move north? I’m always trying to talk Griff into moving home again! Oh well, at least I can enjoy target while I’m here. Have a good summer you guys!

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