Blogger Follower.

Do you ever find random blogs that you love but then somehow forget about them and never see them again until you stumble upon them months later? I do all the time, but I recently learned about blogger’s “Follower” feature. It’s great, you just put in the blogs that you want to keep track of, and then it keeps track of all of them and let’s you see any new posts all in one place! I have been loving it. Just go to your dashboard and you can find it there.

p.s. The best part is that you can also see who is following your blog too. I just got my first follower, and I thought she definately needs a shout-out! Check out her blog here.

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  1. That is my 1 follower too! she must be really cool if she likes both of us;)
    I keep meaning to set up my own list but i havn’t found the time yet…i’m too busy reading blogs.

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