Bridesmaid Dress

I was excited when Lexi’s mom asked me to sew a bridesmaid dress for Ashley, Lexi’s identical twin.  Since Ashley lives here in Utah and their mom lives in South Carolina, it would have been tricky for her to know that the dress would fit like it should.  Plus, she had two other dresses to sew, and along with planning a wedding from across the country, I think her hands were full enough!
It was fun to sew (except for the rolled hem on the sleeves, let’s not go there!), and even got me to switch my serger thread color for the first time in about 5 years!  Hopefully it won’t be another five years before I change it again :).  Who am I kidding?  It will probably be six.
Ooh, and on another note, the Copycat Challenge is happening!  Thanks for all your input, you guys are so great.  I’m so excited, and I’ll be letting you know all the details later this week!

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  1. It would definitely take a wedding to get me to change my serger thread……It’s OK if you have 6-8 hours to do it with refreshments in between!! LOL


  2. Wow thats amazing! I am very jealous of your sewing skills, I just bought my first sewing machine, thanks for you tips!

  3. Woot! The dress looks great, and that color looks so nice against her skin! I am so glad about the Copycat Challenge–keep us posted!!!

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