Brodie’s Applique.

So this is not a finished project, but my BSF Audy wanted to see some pictures of it in process, so here they are.  This is baby Brodie’s blanket.  I’m pretty sure his mom doesn’t have my blog address, so I think I’m safe.  I still have to bind the edges, but so far so good.  I used cotton on the top and minky a striped pile on the back.


  1. I’m geussing Audy is naming her baby Brodie? (is that his full name, like it isn’t short for something?) Love the blanket. post pictures when it is done. (as if you don’t give your own sister your blog address. :)ha)

  2. Ang, it’s actually for a girl that I worked with at Dr. Baker’s that I got to be good friends with. As for you and Audy, I’m trying to scheme up ideas for both of your babies. If only you didn’t keep making all of my ideas yourself! Seriously, it has happened a few times already. I’m gonna have to get creative!

  3. ohhh, i seriously read that so worng! i just re-read it , now it makes sense. oops. I’m having a lot of fun making every kind of baby thing possible lately! sorry that it’s making it tough!

    BTW i just made a boppy pillow too. I’m really excited about that one! One more thing off your list!

  4. It’s your special day, Abby! If I owned a sewing machine that was made before the year 1902 than I’d make you something really great…so I guess instead I’m sending you a big ol’ Happy Birthday with lots of enthusiasm. Have a great day!

  5. Ok, I’m a dumb-dumb. what I was trying to actually say is that if I owned a sewing machine that WASN’T made before the year 1902…..sorry I ruined your birthday already with my lack of proof reading. See ya, Ab.

  6. Thanks Al! I’m glad you corrected yourself cause at first I thought maybe you were just into those old treadle sewing machines or something and wanted to make me something “antiquey”. Just jokes :).

  7. SOO now that the awkawardness of our phone conversation about you not telling me about your blog is over… i figure i should comment.. heheh. Seriously love the blanket, i think if you ever are bored, you could make your daughter in law one… lol!
    Seriously love the blog, it is great!

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