No birthday blues, just bunny cakes.

I have a condition called the birthday blues.  Some of you might have heard of it.  It comes once a year on my birthday, and sometimes even the week before.  But not this year.  My birthday was yesterday and I was in the best mood all day.  Joel had one of the guys in his office who knows how to do cake decorating make me two bunny cakes.  How could I have a bad day when I have two bunny cakes?  I can’t, that’s how.  So although this is not a sewing-post, is is about baking, so I think that counts.  And thanks so much to Kevin, he apparently stayed up until 4am making these for me.

Then yesterday afternoon my friend Kirsten and I and our kids went for a walk to the park.  Wyatt’s stroller got hijacked by Alliyah, so he got to ride home next to Kenzie.  Lucky boy!  That has nothing to do with sewing, but it was my birthday so I can write if I want to.  Write if I want to… Write if I want to… You would write to if it happened to you…

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