Brodie’s Bib.

I decided to make a bib to go with Brodie’s blanket. I hope you can tell that it is a necktie appliqued onto the bib. I am thinking of making an easy tutorial for this project. Leave me a comment if you would like to see one. Who says babies shouldn’t be able to get dressed up just because they like to spit up? Thanks to my lovely model, Wyatt.


  1. i love it! good idea.

  2. Haha, love this! I think you found a good project for my baby!

  3. That’s awesome. Wyatt’s a great model too!

  4. That is soooo cute Abby! I love it! You’re so crafty!–SaraLyn

  5. Anonymous says

    i would love to see a tutorial for this bib! i’ve been looking all over for a good one.

  6. I think a tutorial for this bib with clear instructions on applying the applique would be fantastic! I have enjoyed reading your tutorials and putting them to use. I made two of the nursing covers tonight and they turned out so great! You are so good at explaining so that my tired mind understands the process. Thank you!

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