Card Table Playhouse.

I just stumbled across the cutest idea. It is a card table playhouse. The playhouse just slips over the card table and can be taken off for storage. I need to make one ASAP for Wyatt, although the girly ones look so much cuter I think (and more fun to make!). The lady that made the one above sells them on Etsy, check out her store here. She has made some other really cute ones too, so make sure to look at them all. If I were a kid I would love one.

Here is another one that someone made:

More pictures and the post about this lady’s playhouse tent can be found here.

Update: see my completed card table playhouse here!

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  1. What a cute and clever idea! I would love one if I were little too! I bet the one you make for Wyatt will be adorable!–SaraLyn

  2. So smart! Much cheaper than the ones they sell at the store + you can personalize! U will have to let me know how much fabric it takes you!

  3. if you make one, give me the low-down on tricks, cause I want to make one too! And, congrats on your first etsy sale! I, like you have one item in my store, no feedback, however, unlike you I haven’t sold anything yet…need to work on that.

  4. OHHHH…i am so excited! i even have a card table that we never use…i’m glad i’ve kept it around. I can’t waiat to make this, Howie will love it!

  5. Umm those are too cute!! If you decide to sell those, I definitely want to pre-order. I think an army tent would be cool.

  6. Thanks for the idea Shalene! An army tent would be cute, it could be all camo on the outside. I was having trouble thinking of a cute boy idea.

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