Two to go.

No, bibs are not my life. I just unfortunately cut a bunch out at once so that I would have to make them all. As much as I am sick of them, it is working, and I only have two left after the three I finished this afternoon. It feels really good too to use up my leftover Bleeker Street fabric from the blanket I made for Wyatt. I HATE having bits and pieces of leftover fabric taking up space in my sewing bins and even more I hate unfinished projects. I have a rule for myself that I cannot start a new project until I complete the ones that I’ve been avoiding. I mostly stick to this rule and it works great for me. Can you tell that I really want to start a card table playhouse?

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  1. Abby, those are sooooo cute! I love the one with the little birdie! I can’t wait to see what you can do with the cardtable playhouse.

  2. i wish i had that rule…i have a few too many things half finished because when i find different fabric or think of something new to make i just ditch the first project. i really should adopt your rule.
    cute bibs!

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