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When I shared this tutorial for a gathered car seat canopy recently, I mentioned that both my sisters are pregnant and I was hoping that at least one would be having a girl. That was true. The part that I left out is that there’s more than two sisters in my family pregnant, there’s three! I’ve been secretly hoping that the canopy will be used by me and not by one of my sisters.

I’m due in April, a month after my sisters are both due, and am so excited (and just as nervous to have a third child)! I’ve kept it quiet around this blog to hopefully not prolong the entire pregnancy, and give me less opportunities to complain, which has been good for me :).

My doctor did a quick ultrasound at my appointment this week after having a concern (everything is fine), and has a guess as to whether my boys will be getting another brother or a sister, but I’ll have my official ultrasound on Monday and will hopefully know for sure.

I’m crossing my fingers for an explosion of pink projects at Sew Much Ado, but will of course be just as thrilled with another boy. So there you have it. It feels good to let you all know, and I’ll be sure to fill you in after Monday!

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  1. How incredible to have three cousins due around the same time, what a lucky lucky treat! Here’s hoping for some pink! Oh, and CONGRATULATIONS!

  2. Much congratulations! I’m due in April too (the very beginning) and we found out a few weeks ago that it will be a boy – a nice complement to the girl we already have. I hear you about the pregnancy complaints too. I’ve been struggling with not complaining 24/7!

  3. Congratulations! How fun to be pregnant with your sisters! The kids will be so close and have growing up with each other!

  4. I totally almost commented on the canopy tutorial, too! So excited for you. Three boys is And as for girls, I’ll tell you in a couple of weeks :) Congrats and good luck for the next few months!

  5. Congratulations! It is so fun to be pregnant with your sisters. And to have little ones the same ages. I had two boys and my third was a girl, so it IS possible. Good luck!

  6. Congrats!!! I just had three boys and just had my forth baby in October. Ultrasound told us baby 4 was a girl, the big day came and he is not even close to being a girl! It was one of the best surprises I have ever gotten. What mattered was that he was healthy and just perfect!

    That being said, I sure hope you get that little girl:)

  7. awww geez and I thought I was going to read if it was a boy or girl, I guess I’ll have to stay tuned :) Good luck :) Congratulations too :)

  8. Congrats!! And I admire your courage to get a third child :) I have two little boys (2 and 4) and I am close to loosing my nerves EVERY day. They are teaming up against me :) I hope you’ll have a smooth pregnancy and wish you and your sisters all the best with your little ones.
    I’m already looking forward to all the beautiful baby projects you’ll share

  9. Congratulations! I’m due in April too. I’ll send you all my extra girly vibes since I already found out that mine is a boy. In the mean time, wishing you well behaved children and limited back pain! (I wish. Right!?)

  10. congratulations!!!i sure hope you get some pink in the mix too, it’s a lot of fun! don’t be afraid of three kids, you manage and it’s the best thing i’ve ever done.

  11. I can’t wait to hear the final news on Monday! I did have to laugh when you made the car seat canopy tutorial “for your sisters.” :) I was good though and didn’t say a word! Still so excited for you!

  12. Congratulations!!!!! My girl was born in april 2010. I hope you get to have a little pink in your life! If not, the boys will enjoy a third to play with

  13. awe! I knew you were keeping something secret. :) Congrats, it’ll be amazing. Can’t wait to see all the baby stuff you’ll come up with.

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