DIY Scalloped Jumper Dress

DIY Pinafore Dress

I’ve had a lot of enjoyment lately sewing fast but satisfying projects, and the DIY girls dress I’m sharing today was certainly both fast and satisfying! I sewed this dress for Lola as part of her Christmas outfit (even though these photos were the only thing she had to wear it to this year ;)), and am hoping to get this girls’ dress pattern released sometime early this year.

DIY Pinafore DressDIY Girls Dress

If you’re feeling deja vu, you’re not crazy… It just so happens that I sewed the same dress as one of my first trials for the pattern for Hattie’s Christmas outfit last year. And I still love it so here we are again with different fabric and on a different daughter! And hopefully a lot closer to getting the pattern released…

As I mentioned in the post where I share about the dress I made for Hattie for Christmas, I found some awesome tencel twill (Lycocell) at JoAnn in perfect coordinating colors for both of my girls dresses.

DIY Pinafore DressDIY Pinafore Dress

It made my fabric decisions easy, especially since they coordinated well with my RTW dress.


I also sewed a Schoolboy Vest for Weston to wear (Wyatt, my oldest is 13 now(!) and wore all RTW), which you can read more about here.

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Although I would normally use a slightly heavier fabric for this pattern, I love how this version turned out with the tencel twill. It’s such a versatile fabric that I now want to use for more projects.

I loved getting to sew scallops for both of my girls dresses. It makes me want to make some more Sullivan Dresses as well!

DIY Pinafore Dress

I like to take the term “Christmas dress” lightly, and really make whatever I want – the Christmas part is more about the timing for me, and I don’t care if they’re formal like might first come to mind when thinking of a Christmas dress.

Maybe it makes me feel like a rebel… Hehe. But especially with the dynamics of this year, I’m happy that this dress will be casual enough to get some day to day wear. After all, leopard boots are a neutral, right??

DIY Pinafore Dress

She can throw her DIY heart backpack on with it, or her favorite DIY heart purse, and she’ll be set for, well, whatever 2021 decides to bring us!

DIY girls dress

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