Adult Mermaid Tail Blanket Pattern – Free!

mermaid tail sewing pattern

There’s nothing like getting cozy in a warm blanket on a chilly night, sipping your favorite beverage while binge watching Netflix, am I right? And if you’re going to get cozy (or anything else, really), why not do it mermaid style? Today I’m sharing a Free Adult Mermaid Tail Blanket Pattern, because why should kids have all the fun?!

mermaid tail blanket pattern Anti-pill fleece is perfect to use for this mermaid tail pattern. It’s so soft and cozy, and is super user friendly to sew with! Imperfections are camouflaged in the fabric which is especially great for beginners. It sews like a dream, and you can often find a great deal at Jo-Ann Fabric & Craft Stores during their sales, as well as a lot of prints and solids to choose from.

Okay okay, but if you’re looking for something that the whole family will love to snuggle up in, check out our Blanket Hoodie Free Pattern, sized for both adults and kids! Does multitasking get any better than a blanket and hoodie in one?! I think not.

adult mermaid tail free pattern

Whether it’s my favorite free hoodie pattern or a cozy blanket, I love to be comfy as much as possible! You’ll be surprised at how quickly this blanket sews up – once you have the pattern pieces assembled, you’ll have it sewn in less than an hour (my kind of project)!

mermaid tail blanket pattern

Let’s get to work – you’ll have your mermaid tail blanket finished in no time!

mermaid tail sewing pattern

Mermaid Tail Blanket Pattern (Free!)

mermaid tail sewing pattern

Anti-pill Fleece – 2.5yd for body, 2.25yd for top and fin
basic sewing supplies – thread, pins, scissors, etc

Download the FREE MERMAID TAIL BLANKET PATTERN HERE. Print the pattern pages at 100% (make sure printer is not set to scale) and tape together following diagram below. mermaid tail blanket pattern

*Supplies and compensation for this post provided by Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores. All content, photography, and opinions are my own.*

*Mermaid Tail Blanket Pattern is sized to fit most adults. Finished tail is 31” wide at top when flat (62” in diameter) and 60” in length.

*All seam allowances are ½” unless otherwise noted. Use a narrow and long zig zag stitch to accommodate the stretch in fleece.

To start our mermaid tail sewing pattern, cut body, top, and fin as directed on pattern pieces. Be sure to note direction of greatest stretch and layout pattern pieces for body and fin prior to cutting to ensure proper fit on fabric.

Right sides together, pin and stitch the straight edge of one fin to the bottom of one front/back body piece. Repeat with remaining fin and front/back bottom pieces. adult mermaid tail free patternRight sides together, pin and stitch front to back, leaving top open. Clip curves and turn right side out. mermaid tail blanket patternRight sides together, pin and stitch front/back top pieces together along straight side edges. adult mermaid tail free patternWrong sides together, fold top piece in half, matching curved edges. Pin curved edges to top curved edges of body, matching side seams and stretching body curves to fit top curves (if you’re having trouble with this step, ensure the direction of stretch is the same for both pieces). Stitch along pinned edge and clip close to center mermaid tail free patternTurn top upward, and you’ve almost completed this mermaid tail sewing pattern! adult mermaid tail free patternNow for the final step in this mermaid tail blanket pattern! Topstitch 3/8” from edge around fin for added stability and to help fin keep its shape when in use. adult mermaid tail free patternGreat job!

adult mermaid tail free pattern

Hope you enjoyed this free adult mermaid tail blanket pattern! Climb in and enjoy your cozy new blanket!

mermaid tail blanket pattern

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  1. You are waaaay too cute:)
    I love the idea of cuddling up with a hot drink and a book, inside a mermaid tail!

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  3. I absolutely love this! You did an amazing job and I can not wait to get started on one! How much would you resize this pattern for a 3 or 7 year old? I know my nieces would love one for Christmas!

    1. I love this pattern. Do you have the pattern in child sizes? I saw one that had been crocheted but I think this much better.

    2. I printed the .pdf pattern at 75% size and find it to be JUST RIGHT for my three grandgirls, aged 5, 7 and 9. I kept the seam allowance the same. They worked out wonderfully! I am anxious to see their reaction when they receive them for Christmas.

  4. So, I made one of these yesterday as a Christmas gift for my niece. I still have to make the one for my daughter. This was one of the easiest patterns I have ever made. The hardest part of the whole project was piecing the pattern together. I know both my daughter and niece are going to love them.

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  6. How did you get point so good in your picture do you have a totoral so we can see and have you thought about making a plus size one for bigger people.

    1. Hi Robin! To make the point nice and neat, just use patience and a lot of pins! It can also be helpful to start sewing at the point and then sew outward half way in each direction. And perhaps a plus size version is in my future, thanks for the input!

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  8. I am having a hard time trying to wrap my head around attaching the top band to the body. What am I missing in the in the instructions? Is there a video to watch?

    1. Hi Hope, there is no video, but the concave curve of the body will need to stretch slightly to fit the convex curve of the top. That way, the two will match perfectly at the seam line. Also be sure to sew the two right sides together. Hope that helps!

  9. Just finished making this mermaid blanket. Your pattern was easy to download and to follow. Even though I consider myself an experienced sewer, this did take me more than an hour to sew together..I slowed myself down on the curves on the top piece,…but it’s turned out perfectly! So adorable!! Thank you! I’m sure the young lady who asked for this will be more than pleased!!!

  10. Thank you so much for sharing your great ideas. I just got done making one for my sister. Now she has one to snuggle in when her daughter snuggles in hers. Thank you!!

  11. What is the voodoo magic you use to get the top piece attached to the body? No matter which way I try to match the curves, I can’t see how it’s ever going to work out correctly.

    1. Hi Sami! The body raw edge will need to stretch slightly to fit the convex curve of the top piece in order for the pieces to fit perfectly along the stitch lines. If you cut one piece with the direction of greatest stretch going in the wrong direction (it should be going across the width of the blanket on both pieces), that will make it difficult to match the two together so I would definitely double check that!

      1. I am having a hard time with this part as well. I am teaching my students how to make this and cannot match these edges up. I have the pieces cut as shown in the tutorial but the curves are opposite. Do you have a video tutorial of this pattern?

        1. Hi Lisa! Sorry, I don’t have a video tutorial of the pattern. The curves are indeed opposite, which means the body concave curve will need to stretch the convex top curve to allow them to match perfectly at the seam line. If you’re having trouble matching them up, I would double check that the body and top were both cut with the greatest degree of stretch across the width of each piece. If one was cut with opposing stretch, it will make it more difficult to match the two together. Hope that helps!

          1. Hi, I am have trouble with attaching the top price to the body! I’m sure I am over thinking it and that is where I am having difficulty. My question is when I’m attaching the top part it is folded right side out correct? And the body turned inside out or is it also right side out? Hope that makes sense enough for you to help since I read the above comments with the same problem but your reply didn’t help ? thanks in advance I’m going to still play with it and maybe I’ll figure it out!

          2. Hi Rachel! The body will be turned right side out, and the top will be wrong side out (although each side will look like the right side unless your top fabric has a directional print) so that the two right sides are facing each other. That way, when the top is flipped up after sewing, you’ll see both right sides. Does that help?

  12. HI!
    I am ready to topstitch my fin. If I had to do over I would not have used fleece, it made for some thick seams. I struggled with the top sewing it correctly because of the thickness but I finished it at midnight last night, :-). I made this for my almost 16 yr DGD for Christmas. A few months ago my daughter let her turn half of her hair blue. She has wanted to do that for a couple of years. She looked like a smurf when she was done, lol But she loved it! She looked at herself & said I look like a mermaid fairy princess, lol Then I started seeing these mermaid blankets everywhere & found your pattern recently & decided it was the one! I hope she will love it, it feels so cozy! Better get to that top stitching. I still have gifts to make & no wrapping done yet!

    thanks so much & Merry Christmas!
    Karen in Ohio

    1. I hope she’ll love it too, thanks for using my pattern! Fleece does definitely make for thick seams, but the cozyness is worth it in the end!

      1. I am happy to report my GD is crazy about her mermaid blanket!!! When she opened it it was upside down & she said what the heck? lol So I held it up the right way & she screamed its a mermaid! lol She grabbed it from me & said she would use it every night! That made my Christmas very happy. So struggling with the fleece a little bit was well worth it. If I could post a photo of her I would. Now the 12 yr old GD wants one, :-)

        Thanks again Abby!

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  19. I made this but made some slight modifications. I had a gorgeous sequin covered fabric that I scored at a yard sale and it just screamed mermaid to me, but was too thin to be a blanket so I lined it with a dark purple velour (also from a yard sale). I’m pleased to report it turned out quite well. I did, however, decide to leave one side seam open about 6″ up from the tail fin to make it easier to get in & out and would suggest others do the same :)

  20. To make this a child size it is very easy. when you print the pattern , set your printer to print 2 per page, it will automatically size it down. For an even smaller set it to print 4 per page. Easy Peasy!

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  23. I’m having troubles printing the pattern. It seems like the link ins’t active anymore. Is there any way we can get this pattern? We bought the fabric and are ready to go.

    1. Hi Tiffany! So sorry about that, there is a glitch that we’re currently trying to figure out with the link, but if you search “mermaid tail” on our site, and click the first post, it will take you to the correct page!

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  26. Hi Abby, Just wanted to say Thank You for the free incredibly Awesome pattern for the mermaid blanket. I made two of them for my adult daughters. LOL. I cant wait till Christmas as I know they will LOVE them. They worked up perfectly !! I am a intermediate sewer and had no problems. As I see somone else said “Lots of Pins” !!!! Thanks again and hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday !!!!

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