Flashback Friday.

Here’s this week’s Flashback Friday:
Aren’t all my friends cute?  I love these girls so much (tear).  This was at my friend Elissa’s wedding reception 9 or so years ago.  One of the sweetest girls ever.  I sewed her wedding dress (I still wonder why in the world she trusted me with that), which was an elegant empire waist dress with satin and chiffon details. 
It looks like Amber on the left got some use out of the turquoise skirt too!
I also made the pink dress that I’m wearing.  I told you I’ve always loved pink :).  Why ever choose another color?  Look how happy I am in it.  I like my watch/dress combo.  Do any of you wear watches anymore?  It’s kind of sad, isn’t it, that since everyone has a cell phone now, no one needs a watch anymore?  I guess in my case it’s probably good that I don’t wear one anymore, if that’s how I chose to wear it.  Jen and I (below) spent many hours in sewing class in high school not sewing.  I’m really not sure what we did, other than talk and laugh and give the teacher excuses why we hadn’t finished our sewing “modules”.  Good times.

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  1. I really enjoy flashback fridays. Remember I’m laughing WITH you!

    I altered some of my jeans in High School to turn them into bell bottoms (in the late 90’s). I chose corduroy and used blocks of cranberry and black. THey were the COOLEST and all my friends borrowed them… I really wish I could find a picture to share. :)

  2. Wow Abs, it looks like your friends really “benefitted” from your sewing talents. I guess a certain sister shouldn’t feel too guilty about convincing you to sew her son a backpack?

  3. You did a wonderful job on her wedding dress and your dress as well. I like your flashback fridays! Thanks for sharing! =)

  4. I never knew you sewed Elissa’s dress! Totally awesome! We were so Hot back then, It’s nice to know we haven’t lost our looks!

  5. Oh my! I can’t believe it has been sooo long since then! I didn’t even recognize my old skinny self. You really are such a talented gal. As for watches I totally love them…I got a new one for Christmas that I returned for a different one and then I returned that one too. Choosing a watch is like choosing a bra for me. I procrastinate forever cause I want to get the right one and then I second guess until I am comfortable with my purchase. I never think of using my cell phone and I feel naked with a watch. I will have to send you a flashback of my wedding day…watch and all!! Again love your blog

  6. Hi,
    I found you through a link from Craftaholics Anonymous for the Valentines Linky party. I’m sew glad I checked out your blog! I’m a follower now. Your tutorials are awesome.


  7. I love that pink dress, too! And yes, I still wear a watch because it’s much more convenient than digging around in my bag for a phone. Great job on the wedding dress, too. You have talent from way back.

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