Flashback Friday.

Here’s today’s Flashback Friday

Last week we had such a fun Flashback Friday, and today we get to welcome another great guest here on Sew Much Ado!  If you’re not familiar with Cheryl from Tidy Mom, you’re really missing out!  As you’d guess from the title of her blog, Tidy Mom is full of tips for keeping a better household, lots of recipes, photography, and so much more that you’ll have to take a visit to Tidy Mom to see.  I’m so excited that Cheryl’s sharing such special memories with us today!  Here’s Cheryl…

 When Abby shared the fantastic job her and her hubby did on Wyatt’s bed, I told her about all of the teasures we have in our house that my Dad made. Both of my daughters have beds built by their grandpa (as well as a ton of other furniture)….we all greatly treasure these pieces now that he’s gone.

For Flashback Friday, Abby asked if I would share some of those treasures with you.

My dad was a furniture builder
Our home is filled with pieces he built over the years. 
We had a family retail business, The Country Junction, for 15 years selling custom furniture.  We closed the doors 2 years ago, after losing my Dad to lung cancer a few years prior.
The last piece my Dad made for me, was a lingerie chest. He surprised me with it for my birthday almost a year before he passed away. It’s hard to say that any one piece is my favorite, but this one would have to be one of them and means the most to me!
Isn’t it awesome?
I can’t tell you how comforting it is, to walk thru my house and feel a part of my dad is still with me every day.
We do not have a kitchen pantry in our house, so several years ago I gave my dad the dimensions for a large pie safe that could work as my pantry – it’s one of my favorite pieces in the house – and probably gets the most comments when someone new visits our house. Most people think it’s old – they are shocked when I tell them who made it!

Look at the wonderful distressing, even the punched tins are slightly rusted.

My kitchen table is another favorite. I LOVE the 2 tone look of the black legs with the stained top – I also have a leaf I can add for bigger crowds. The chairs are old press backed chairs that used to belong to my parents

This is the bed he made for him and my mom……THIS is my Mom’s most treasured piece
their sleigh bed.

The pottery cabinet and kitchen table are definately conversation pieces in her house!
My dad LOVED what he did……..
and is missed by so many……..
Thanks for letting me share on Flashback Friday Abby!
Thank YOU, Cheryl!  How nice to have such sweet reminders of your dad all around your home.  I think the pie safe pantry is definitely one of my favorites…  Wait, the lingerie chest is…  Okay, really I’d love any of the pieces!  Now you can all do yourselves a favor and get to know Cheryl and Tidy Mom more!

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  1. Wow! He was so talented and what a great way to remember your day, walking through your home, each day! Thanks for sharing, Cheryl.

  2. I LOVE the pie safe pantry, my parents have a very similar one that has been passed down through the years. I remember helping strip eight layers of paint off it when I was younger! Thank you so much for sharing these great pieces and great memories

  3. Oh my gosh….his pieces are beautiful!!! How wonderful that you have his work with you every day! ♥ I can’t wait to see them in person!

  4. Amazing…your Dad had so much talent and creativity. He is blessed to have a daughter that treasured him.


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