Flashback Friday: Jen from iCandy handmade

Welcome to Flashback Friday! Yesterday I posted over at iCandy handmade for their Basic Bodice series, and today I’m thrilled to have Jen, one half of the iCandy handmade team with us!
I’m always amazed at the diversity in Jen and Autie’s projects. From kids’ clothing, to womens’ clothing, to home decor, they seem to be experts at almost anything! I especially love Jen’s Hint of Vintage Maxi Dress and the Mismatched Maxi Skirt that she made. I also love that she loves stripes so much and always uses them in fun and new ways. Anyway, you’re really going to love her flashback, I promise :).
Hello Sew Much Ado readers! My name is Jen and I blog over at iCandy handmade.  I was so excited to be able to participate in such a fun series!
I grew up with a mom that sewed, but she hated it.  She would make us stuff if we needed it, usually staying up all night to finish that special costume or dress, but enjoyment of the process was not there.
She did, however encourage me to learn to sew.  She started trying maybe when I was about 10, but I wasn’t interested until I was 15.  I started taking lessons, and eventually became proficient.  
With my sewing teacher, I made a bright pink dress with princess seams, and even a pair of flowered denim overall shorts.  (Yikes!)  I learned so much from her.  
Once I was able to have a few successes, I really enjoyed making clothes for myself.  We didn’t have a ton of money, so it was great to be able to make myself cute stuff.
When the prom rolled around my junior and senior year, I knew I would design and make my dresses.  
So last week, I dug around in an old box of photos and found these photos.  Please excuse the quality… they are from the early mid 90’s… 
Prom #1 (I was a junior): My boyfriend at the time was such a great sport!  
He totally wore the matching vest and bowtie I made him!  
This dress was a floral taffeta or something like that, overlaid with lace.  The neck yoke was made with sheer netting.  Looking back on these dresses, I thought I would cringe, but I still kind of like them!

Then there was my senior prom.  Same guy, this time I turned things up a notch with his vest.  Gold.  He was, fortunately, confident enough to get away with it!

 This dress was made out of some floral slinky fabric, which I overlaid with gold-printed chiffon.

 Funny story with this dress… all the parents of the group I went with were sitting in my living room waiting to get photos, while I was finishing this dress.  
(Seriously? Can you say extreme procrastinator?
Something happened, I can’t remember if it had to do with an iron, or just bad luck, but all the sudden there was a giant hole in the front of the chiffon layer.  I totally panicked.  My mom was a rockstar in that moment.  She got fabric glue out, cut one of the gold designs out of a remnant, and glued that right over the hole.  It was a total make-it-work moment.  Whew. 

It was such an awesome feeling to be able to tell everyone at prom that I made my own dress and the vest for my date.  I am so grateful to my mom for encouraging me to take those sewing lessons.

Thanks Jen! Wasn’t she so cute (and still is, of course)?! So adorable. I love that she was finishing the dress while a room full of people waited for her. Only a sewer can relate :). And the vests are just awesome – “I turned things up a notch” – LOL!

See you on Monday when we start of the Sew Fab ePattern Sale and finally announce the 18 patterns that will be included!

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  1. Omigosh I’m blown away – Jen you were an amazing sewist already in high school! Hilarious that your dates let you dress them up too; I love it.

  2. Love that you made the matching vests :) my prom dress was a collaboration with my mom and I. It was linen and fairly simple, because of that I totally stood out which was great!

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