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Welcome to Flashback Friday! My friend Shannon from Luvinthemommyhood is our guest today, and I know you’ll love what she has to share! Shannon is a fellow Canadian, which is enough on it’s own for me to love her :), and a mother to two sweet little girls. I’m sure you’ve all visited Luvinthemommyhood and know what a sweet, genuine, and funny person Shannon is. Definitely one of the nicest bloggers there is.
Shannon is a master at the sewing machine, but I am also always in awe at her skills with knitting needles. She designs patterns for both knitting and sewing, and her Sweetheart Dress pattern is a must for anyone with a daughter! And her Downton Abbey Knit Along makes me long for any spec of knitting talent! So fun. Anyway, we’re so glad to have her with us today!
men’s dress shirt sleeves to pants tutorial by luvinthemommyhood

Hi everyone! I’m Shannon and I blog over www.luvinthemommyhood.com!  I’m a big fan of Abby’s series “Flashback Friday”!  I’ve been following along with it and was so excited when she asked me to join in!  It’s been an absolute riot going back over ancient posts of mine to check out some oldies but goodies of mine from when I first learned how to sew.

When I first started blogging I mostly only knit.  I knew how to do cross-stitch, crafts etc…but had no knowledge for sewing.  I started seeing the “repurposing” movement pop up on all the blogs I was reading and knew I had been bit by the bug!  With my first daughter going through clothes so quick I thought it would be fun to finally learn how to sew.

I jumped in with both feet.  If you know me you know I’m always working on multiple projects and am never scared to just dive in.  What’s the worst that could happen right?  You use a seam ripper? No biggie right?  Right.  I ended up sewing one of those popular men’s shirt to child’s dress projects that my lovely friend Dana of Made whipped up.   I was hooked.  I adored this little dress and from there ended up making another one (seen below) which then led me to making my own sewing tutorial (see what I mean? no fear!) for kids pants made from men’s shirt dress sleeves! Fun right? I get such a good laugh checking these out because I can so vividly remember these days just by looking at the pics. I also remember how thrilled I was when www.craftgossip.com blogged about both my dress (shown below) and my pants tutorial!  I think I phoned everyone I knew!

The dress you see above also stuck in mind for years.  I love that little dress and still have it.  In fact I had meant to do a tutorial for it when I first made it but never got around to it.  I finally did though.  You can see the version it inspired called “The Emerson Dress” that I put out just this past year.  I love that my daughter was the model for both shots and I get to see how much she has grown up along with how my sewing and photography skills have improved.

To this day I am still learning. I am always challenging myself and like to think that I am still brave.  I may think a bit longer and try to be a bit wiser before jumping in but I still do it.  I can’t help myself…it’s fun, it’s creative and it challenges me and keeps me feeling inspired.  So if you’re just starting to learn to sew or are just waiting to get the courage to try something new, don’t be so worried about how to jump in – just do it!  I bet you’ll be amazed and proud of the outcome….even if some of them make you laugh a few years down the road.  Everyone’s gotta starts somewhere right?  Happy sewing!

Thanks for sharing, Shannon! Isn’t it fun to see how her daughter has grown up?! Make sure to check back on Monday for a fun announcement that you won’t want to miss! Happy Friday to you all!

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  1. Oh I am loving this!! And I’ve been bit by the sewing bug, too – I just don’t know how to sew, haha! I need to jump in with both feet like Shannon suggested. And seriously – can her daughter get any cuter?! That tunic dress and her hair in that cute little top knot. So adorable.

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