Simplest Serged Receiving Blankets

I bought this fabric years ago on clearance and was pleasantly surprised to find it in one of my fabric bins the other day. It’s Michael Miller’s Disco Dot, which is still one of my favorite flannel prints. It also comes in pink and gray which would be on it’s way to me right now if it wasn’t on backorder :).

I had enough yardage to make two large single layer receiving blankets. I made a couple before Wyatt was born, and they were some of my very favorites when he was little, especially in the summer when it was hot (surprise, surprise, his were also made out of Disco Dot, but in blue).
Making these blankets can’t get any simpler. I cut them as large as the fabric width would allow – about 40″x40″, and serged around all four sides.
I’ve never found blankets close to 40″ in stores, so for me these are a staple! They are the perfect size for swaddling a new baby without adding a ton of bulk.

What’s your favorite blanket for swaddling a baby? Anything that’s a must for you?

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  1. My fav blankets are those blankets As well as the cheese cloth ones from target. I made the exact same blanket for scarlett when i had her. Same fabric and same serged edges.

  2. So cute, Abby! I just love my serger! I have a few friends due the first half of this year and I’m going to have to remember this… so easy!!! And you could make them with pretty double gauze too!

  3. My grandmother put two square pieces of flannel together (the width of the fabric) and crocheted around the edges – they were the absolute best and snuggled all three of my wee ones. Even now that my “baby” is 2 I just can’t bear to part with them.

  4. My grandma taught me how to make these years ago, only ours are not serged–we turn the hem over twice and use a zig zag stitch in a contrasting color for fun. They are the absolute best, because you can’t buy them in the store that big. I have several friends whose children use them as their “blankie” years after they have outgrown them, including my own 11 year old daughter :)

  5. Great idea to make these with the serger! When my kids were babies, I made receiving blankets by sewing two large pieces of flannel together, right sides together. Then turn right side out and top stitch twice around the whole thing. It made for a nice thick, warm blanket that still wasn’t too bulky.

  6. Those are such a great idea! I’m due with my second in a few weeks and have been wanting to make something like this. I remember with my first, the store-bought receiving blankets were never big enough! How do you secure the ends when you use your serger? Especially when you have corners like that. So far, I’ve just been tying the threads, but I don’t think that looks great, any suggestions??

  7. Luna lullaby swaddler blankets are my current favorites, even light enough to double as a nursing cover without overheating either you or baby!

  8. I prefer double layer flannel (or actually one I made that’s flannel one side, quilting cotton the other), as it keeps her very warm and helps her sleep in our cold bedroom. Or the SwaddleMe wraps, but those only at night.

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