Flashback Friday: Would you like fries with that?

Here’s this week’s Flashback Friday:

Okay, there may be a few people that want to poke my eyes out right now for posting this picture. First let me say that I DID NOT make these uniforms, and I NEVER thought they were cool. I couldn’t resist posting a pic though for Flashback Friday, since it does have to do with fashion (or the lack thereof) and textiles.

Can you believe my dental hygiene instructors at Coastal Bend College in Beeville, TX made us wear these uniforms? Obviously they hated us for some reason. People literally pointed and laughed at us while we walked to school wearing these uniforms. The fact that the yellow pants and top were also see-through didn’t help us out any. So awkward. Wow, maybe I should delete this post right now… I wouldn’t feel so bad if this had occurred in the 70s, but no, it was 2002. Not quite long enough ago to take the pain away, that’s for sure.

On a more pleasant note, Amnah sent in this cute journal that she made (yes, the same Amnah that won the giveaway… she’s pretty popular around here lately):

Here’s an excerpt from her post about it:

I found this picture in album/book that I made for an art class over 6 years ago. I made that. Sure in these days of all things etsy and handmade it seems like no big deal. But this was before etsy. This was before Target started selling the same exact design on a journal. Oh I was so proud of this lil guy. Even my art teacher was impressed.

Thanks for contributing Amnah! To be a part of Flashback Friday, email me by clicking on the button to your right. Send me a pic or two, a short description, and a link to your blog (if you’d like), and you’ll be featured on an upcoming Flashback Friday.

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  1. And the sad thing is: I went to our local college’s dental hygiene clinic a couple of months ago, and their uniforms were nearly as bad. Maybe there’s an undocumented “humiliation” requirement for all dental hygiene programs…

  2. HAHAHA I totally remember those! We had some doosies for our year, too, but the yellow with the see-through factor, hilarious!

  3. That’s terrible! I recognize Brittany and you but that’s about it. Like seriously there has to be some type of initiation cause those uniforms are NASTY!

  4. Okay, so just one further bit of proof that I chose the better school…. On second thought, even considering the banana’s in plaid, I bet you would still go for the beach over the snow!

  5. I heard form everyone that went (I know three of you–all different years) there that the uniforms were terrible. I had no idea! Those really are bad Abby. I am sorry you had to wear those. The uniforms at Dixie and MCC where NOT hideous–just regular old scrubs with a lab coat. That cracks me up.

  6. oh Abby that’s hilarious! Those uniforms were great, I think Linds and I walked right over to the giant bfi bins and threw our uniforms out the last day of school, because I don’t think any one would want those for goodwill!!

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