Gingerbread Houses

We had Joel’s brothers and their wives over the other night and made gingerbread houses.

Due to everyone getting ready to leave town for Christmas, we ended up changing our plans to make the gingerbread dough ourselves and opted for graham crackers. I also figured that the miniature houses would be a safer bet for my kids :).
Weston loved decorating his tiny house and as long as it had candy canes and butterflies, he was happy. Bed head and shirtless-ness courtesy of photos the next morning :).

We learned a few things along the way, like the fact that we bought WAY too much candy (kind of sounds like an oxy moron, doesn’t it?). We probably only used about a tenth of what we bought, but at least we didn’t run out, haha!
Wyatt’s house somehow turned into a train, which is no surprise if you know the kid… It was fun to see him working so hard to build it.
I love doing things like this with kids and letting them have free reign. Things don’t turn out perfect, but they’re still as happy as can be, which is something I hope I’ll one day learn for myself. My only regret is the sugar coma I’ve been in all day, which unfortunately hasn’t stopped me from eating the extra candy. Yikes.

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  1. My family did the gingerbread house thing last year and had a ton of fun, even though some of our creations looked more like abandoned shacks than houses. Your boys work turned out wonderfully. I’ll bet they will remember this activity.

  2. Aww, love all the vehicle creations as well as the wee house. And hey, it’s Christmas, this is when you get to munch on all that stuff ‘for free’ (Calories don’t count on birthdays and holidays don’t you know ;o) )

  3. I was wanting to do that with Hailey last night and we didn’t get to it. She just saw your post though and said, “they got to make trains! When are we going to get to do it?” Guess we have an activity for tonight…I think I’ll scrounge from her still-full Halloween bucket! Hope you’re feeling well!

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