Little Peasant Dress

Update: You can now find the free infant peasant dress pattern HERE!

I have a problem. You see, before I knew that we were expecting a girl, I had visions in my head of everything I wanted to make if we found out we were having a girl. I knew that as soon as I heard the words “It’s a girl!” I would be bursting to get started on a million different projects, which would all be completed in record time, of course.
Well, lucky for me we did find out that we’re having a girl, but instead of me being on a sewing fast track, I was more like a dear in headlights! I’m not sure what it has been, but it wasn’t until today that I finally made something for the little one coming. I think it has something to do with the fact that everything I imagined is now on the to-do list rather than the would be fun to-do list.
Knowing me, if I sit down and write a list of everything I’d both like to and need to get accomplished, I’ll feel relaxed and have a great time knocking things off the list, but up until now it’s been more of a feeling of anxiety. Can anyone relate?
I already feel so much better after making this little dress. I think I just needed a start perhaps. I drafted up the peasant dress pattern, which is yet another thing I’ve wanted to do for a long time, and it was sewn up in no time.
I sized the dress to fit 0-3 months, which is always tricky because every baby is so different. If she’s extra tiny, it’ll just fit for longer, right?
One thing I love about peasant dresses is they’re so versatile and can double as a tunic to wear with leggings and often even as a shirt as the little girl grows.
I kept the dress super simple, and added rick rack at the hem for just a bit of detail.

Here’s my question for you… Would you like me to share a pattern for this dress? I’m thinking of offering the 0-3 month infant size as a free pattern, and then follow up with more sizes and some cute options in a full PDF pattern. Let me know your thoughts :).

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  1. I think that it is darling. And not meaning to add more to your to-do list, I would love to see the tutorial on it!!
    The fabric and ric-rac are perfect!!

  2. Very cute, and love that it’s versatile to keep past the dress and into the tunic stage (mind you, I’ve seen some very dodgy photos of me in extremely short dresses when I was wee, just with a pair of thick tights on!)

    I do know what you mean about needing a list though, I’m really descending into Christmas panic mode right now, partly because I haven’t got a clear list drawn up!

  3. YES YES YES!!! My toddler would LOVe that dress :-) So comfy and I totally agree, paired with leggings when it gets too short is the best idea ever!

  4. Cute! I just use Indietutes peasant top and alter it to a dress, but some people panic at the thought of veering off course so in sure a pattern would be adored! I’m planning on sharing my “blueprint” for the tiered dress I made yesterday for Nicole from that shirt tutorial, it turned out soooo sweet, I’m quite pleased. Isn’t baby girl sewing just exciting? I might get another round of it soon, we’ll find out in a few months what gender I’ll be sewing for ;)

  5. Yes please! Please share!!! I am pinning this because it is the most darling little dress and I now have visions of my little girl (5 months) wearing it with a little ruffled shorts when she’s a little older :)

  6. I’m with everyone else – yes please. It’s so cute and like you said, so versatile.
    As for the hard time getting going on stuff for your little one, I think projects for other people are way easier to actually finish – maybe because there’s usually some sort of deadline.

  7. You’re like me with a list. Things I have to do don’t appeal, but the things I would like to do get checked off pretty quickly. It’s a lovely dress.

  8. I would love to make one of these dresses for our niece if you’re willing to share the pattern! Such a cute dress!

  9. Yes please! I just finished sewing your Mommy & Mia apron for my niece and your instructions and patterns are sooo easy to follow even for a beginner like me! My best friend is having a girl and hopefully my sister in law also so I can’t wait to see what all you come up with!

  10. What a pretty little dress, I love the fabric and the ric rac is just a beautiful touch. And yes please would love a tutorial :)

  11. I would *love* if you would share the 0-3 month pattern with us! I have my second little boy due in February and I think this would actually make a great base pattern for his Christening gown. I’ve been like you – a million projects I want to do before he gets here, but hardly an inch of stitching. :) A handmade Christening gown is one of those on the top of my list though that I’d love to get done before he’s here!

  12. Your baby’s dress is adorable and sweet. I can tell that your baby girl will be dressed ultra modern. So, no heirloom sewing for you? I loved making heirloom dresses in soft pastel batiste with English cotton lace for my granddaughter. I’ll bet you would love it if you tried it. The fabric is so very soft on baby’s skin.

  13. I would LOVE this pattern for both of my girls- I have a 4-year-old and 6-month-old; on my “would be nice to make” list is matching dresses. Can you tell me where you got the fabric? I love it! Well done!

  14. This dress is so adorable! Would love a pattern:) I also love the fabric and wondering if you can share the name of the fabric. Have a wonderful Christmas:)

  15. This is so sweet! I would love to make this if I had a little girl ; ) Oh well, there are cute boy clothes too : )

  16. Thank you for all the feedback! A pattern is in the works!

    The fabric used in the dress is from the line Rainy Days and Mondays by Melimba & Beccabury for Riley Blake Designs. I didn’t love it as much till I saw it all made up in this dress, but now I do!

  17. I heart ric rac – this is soooo cute! I’m so glad to have a post-Christmas craft project already lined up – thanks!

  18. Oh I will beg and plead that you post the tutorial for the 0-3 month size…I am having a girl in 2 weeks and need some cutesy dresses for my soon to be wee one…oh please, please! Thank you!

  19. So cute! I love that ric-rac on the bottom. And congratulations! I think I fell off the face of the earth and totally missed that you were pregnant somehow. Silly me. When are you due?

  20. LOVE IT!!! This would be a perfect gift for my baby sister. She is having her first baby in May. Little Katherine Lynn would look perfect in the dress. I would love to have the pattern.

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  22. Yes please share the pattern! I LOVE this dress and have two little girls (9 months and 2 1/2) that I would love to make it for!

    1. Hi Deedee! You can find the link to the pattern near the top of the tutorial under the materials or supplies section :).

  23. I just purchased your Peasant Dress pattern for little girls and it’s fabulous! It’s very easy to follow and it looks like it will be quick to sew up (which I need-I’m making it for an upcoming birthday present). I can’t thank you enough for sharing this pattern and your talent! I appreciate it and I am sure many other sewer’s are also!

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  39. I would love the pattern. I put my Email, but I am having problems with it. Ihave been looking for that pattern. Love that pattern!!

    1. Vickie – let me know what you’re having trouble with and I’m happy to help! I responded to your email address, but it was sent back to me…

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  41. I would LOVE to have this in little and big girls sizes. I have a 6, 5, 2, and 1 year old that I would LOVE to make Easter dresses for. Do you have it in big girl sizes too that you could share?

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