Goodbye My Looooove!

I have an announcement to make…  Go Green Month is turning into Go Green Year!  April Fools!  Okay, that was really lame, but I had to do some sort of trick, right?

Please tell me the post title rings a bell.  If not this could get awkward.  Not as awkward as the most annoying sound in the world.  You with me now?  Okay, just in case you’re not, I’m refering to the movie Dumb and Dumber.  Not for any particular reason, just because I really like to say the goodbye my love part anytime I have a goodbye to say.  Okay, now it has definitely gotten awkward.  Good one, Abby.  Great way to start a post.  But an even better way to say farewell to Go Green Month!

I have to say, I was anticipating enjoying the month, but I had no idea how much I really would enjoy it.  I really do feel like I could continue it for at least another month.  Don’t worry though, it’s at least officially over.  I’m still working on some Green projects, which is how I hoped the month would end, with some changes becoming a part of my life, not just for one month.  I’ve learned some great way to use less and reuse more.

I have to give special thanks to all the wonderful guest bloggers would contributed to the month.  It might have been a boring month without all your help!  Here’s a quick recap…  Take some time to visit the blogs of these great ladies, you’ll love them all.

My biggest personal goal for Go Green Month was to improve my house cleaning habits and the products I use, so I made these tutorials:

Thanks so much for all your great comments and feedback over the month.  I hope you all enjoyed Go Green Month as much as I did!

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