Home sweet home…

Well, it’s not actually very sweet yet, and we’ve got a lot of unpacking to do still, but we’ve finally moved to our fourth state that we’ve lived in since May!  Hurray!  Arizona, Florida, Tennessee, and now Utah.  I am so happy to be done with moving for awhile, although I must say I’m a tad nervous to not have the next adventure to be looking forward to.  I guess it might be nice to have a chance to settle down in one place.  On that note, although my sewing room is still in boxes, I am so excited to unpack it the second I can, and get to work!  We’ve bought a couple of dressers that I’m planning on redoing and antiquing as well, which should be a good learning experience for me since I’ve never refinished anything before.  I keep telling myself that I can’t sew or start my dressers until I finish unpacking, but we’ll see…

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  1. I didn’t realize you’ve done so much moving! Congrats on your new little one if I haven’t said so already. In other news, refinishing furniture sucks! Just to warn you. We refinished a crib, and it was the worst project of my life. BUT a dresser at least is mostly solid wood. Stay away from 100s of crib spindles, that’s my advice!

  2. Are you in Utah permanently (or at least semi-permanently now)?. What part? We’ll have to get together when we come out to see fam.

  3. I just commented to Ben this morning that I thought you were probably in Utah by now. He didn’t think so–he said, “No, Joel’s always trying to get in just a couple more sales at this time of year.” But glad you get to settle down for awhile. I need to call you sometime (still)! :)

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