Knee Patch Baby Pants Free Pattern with the Cricut Maker

Baby Pants Free Sewing Pattern

Hi creative friends! Last week I shared love for my newest sewing toy (although toy definitely doesn’t do the Cricut Maker justice!), and as promised, today I’m sharing a Knee Patch Baby Pants Free Pattern, sponsored by Cricut, that you can use to make your own sweet pants!

Baby Pants Free Sewing Pattern

Tiny anything is irresistible, but somehow tiny baby pants are just the sweetest thing, aren’t they? So many of you have used our Footed Baby Pants Free Pattern and made adorable pants for your little ones and gifts for your favorite people, and they have also become one of my go-to baby gifts to make!

Baby Pants Free Sewing Pattern

I found the darling pink polka dot cotton lycra knit from my go-to fabric shop, Raspberry Creek Fabrics. These pants are just as cozy and soft as our footed baby pants, but have a sweet ankle cuff and fun knee patches!

Baby Pants Free Sewing Pattern

The knee patches are perfect for using up your favorite scraps, and combining your favorite knit fabrics with touches of your favorite wovens. Pair them with some easy to make burp cloths or even a sweet baby dress, and you’ll be set!

Baby Pants Free Sewing Pattern

The pattern is sized for newborn, 5-10lbs, and below I’ll show you how the Cricut Maker can do all of the cutting for you! I have to say it was pretty awesome to make these pants without having to cut out the pieces on my own.

Baby Pants Free Sewing Pattern

Cricut Maker
– knit fabric (how cute would this mustard and white stripe be?!) – 2 pieces, each cut 12″x18″ (greatest amount of stretch along the width of each piece)
– 100% cotton scrap for knee patches (12″x6″ piece)
– 1″ elastic – 14″ in length – Tip: I like to buy large rolls of elastic like these – it saves a ton of money, and makes it a rare occurrence to run out of elastic!

Download the FREE SVG FILE to use with your Cricut Maker here. Open Design Space, begin an new project, and import the svg file into your project. The image below shows more information about each piece.

If you don’t have a Cricut Maker and would like a printable version of the pattern, you can download the PDF pattern HERE. After downloading and opening in Adobe Reader, print it at 100%, ensuring the 1″ test square is printed correctly, and tape pages together along markings. Scroll down and begin at knee patch sewing instructions below.


*Use a serger or a long zig zag stitch to allow the fabric to stretch once sewn. Always use a ball point needle when sewing knits.*

*All seam allowances are 3/8″ unless otherwise noted.*

Download the free svg file above and load it into Design Space. I opened it through the Design Space app on my ipad, which is super convenient – I love that I don’t have to hook the Maker directly to my computer.

Once the project is loaded in Design Space, follow the steps below to get ready to cut your fabric!

  1. Ungroup all pieces.
  2. Attach all pieces with the exception of knee patches (ovals) together. Attach knee patch pieces together and change color to white (so they will be sent to cut on a separate mat).
  3. Click “make” and change the quantity to 2. Also select mat 3 and click “mirror” – this step is important so that you will have right AND left front/back pieces rather than two of one side.

First, you’ll cut the knee patch pieces. Place 12″x6″ piece of 100% cotton on the fabric cutting mat and follow the Design Space directions to cut the pieces.

Knee Patch Baby Pants Free Pattern Knee Patch Baby Pants Free Pattern

Place one 12×18″ knit fabric piece on the fabric cutting mat, smoothing out any wrinkles. Be sure that the greatest direction of stretch is running across the width of the mat. Follow the directions to load and cut the first set of pieces!

Knee Patch Baby Pants Free Pattern

Next, cut a second set of the knit fabric pieces, but (important! –>) be sure that you selected “mirror” in Design Space before cutting so each front and back pants piece will but cut mirrored from the first set.

First, we’ll prepare the knee patch pieces. Place two knee patch pieces right sides together, and use a 1/4″ seam allowance to stitch around the outer edge, leaving a 1-1 1/2″ opening. Repeat with remaining knee patch pieces.

Knee Patch Baby Pants Free Pattern

Trim seam allowance to 1/8″, with the exception of at the opening. At the opening, press the raw edges toward the center of the patches, following shape of curve. Repeat with remaining knee patch pieces.

Knee Patch Baby Pants Free Pattern

Turn each knee patch right side out. Pin one knee patch to each front piece (front pieces have a shorter/shallower rise than the back pieces), centering between crotch and bottom of piece. Stitch around each knee patch close to edge, securing to front pieces and closing knee patch openings.

Knee Patch Baby Pants Free Pattern Knee Patch Baby Pants Free Pattern

Right sides together, stitch each front piece to each back piece at inseams and outer seams.

Knee Patch Baby Pants Free Pattern Knee Patch Baby Pants Free Pattern

Press each cuff piece in half, wrong sides together, matching long edges. Open and fold each piece in half, right sides together, matching short edges. Stitch along pinned edge on each piece.

Knee Patch Baby Pants Free Pattern Knee Patch Baby Pants Free Pattern

Fold each cuff back in half as was originally pressed, forming a tube.

Knee Patch Baby Pants Free Pattern

Right sides together, place one cuff around one leg, matching raw edges of cuff with raw edges of leg bottom opening. Pin in place and stitch around pinned edges, securing cuff to leg (because  of the tiny opening, I prefer to sew this step with my regular sewing machine). Repeat with remaining cuff and pant leg. Press with steam to help cuff leg opening lay nicely.

Knee Patch Baby Pants Free Pattern Knee Patch Baby Pants Free Pattern

Right sides together, place one pant leg inside the other, matching raw edges of front and back crotch curves. Pin and stitch crotches together with one continuous seam, from top of front to top of back (or vice versa).

Knee Patch Baby Pants Free Pattern Knee Patch Baby Pants Free Pattern

Overlap ends of 1″ wide elastic (14″ in length) 1/2″, and secure together using zig zag stitch. Mark both elastic and top of pants in quarters and pin together, matching quarter marks and placing elastic close to raw edge of top of pants. Stretching elastic to fit top of pants, stitch elastic to pants with zig zag stitch, 1/4″ from top raw edge.

Knee Patch Baby Pants Free Pattern Knee Patch Baby Pants Free Pattern

Fold elastic and top of pants toward wrong side of pants. Stitch top folded edge in place by zig zag stitching, using a twin needle, or coverstitching around folded edge (stretching elastic to fit), close to edge of elastic.

Knee Patch Baby Pants Free PatternKnee Patch Baby Pants Free Pattern

Great job! Now enjoy snuggling that sweet baby! You can find more of our free patterns and tutorials here!

Baby Pants Free Sewing Pattern

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Cricut. The opinions and text are all mine.


  1. Loved this post.. Thanks for the free pattern
    Sharing this on Pinterest :)

  2. I am trying to make size 4T pants to let big sister match the baby… do you have suggestion on sizing so I can just resize this maker pattern to match?

    • Hi Angel, resizing the pattern from newborn to 4T can be done, but you’ll need some basic pattern grading knowledge, as if you just increase the pattern size by a certain percentage overall, the proportions will be incorrect (as children don’t grow the same amount width and height wise proportionately).

  3. sleepyslothhandmade says

    LOL I just Made a Comment about Finding it Hard to Upload SVG’s to Design Space On the Lip Balm Holder Post and then I Download this SVG and the press the Design Space link Uploaded it in under 5 Seconds You are a Genius I have spent 100’s of Dollars on Ebooks etc about it and I read your simple post and I’m now feeling like a Boss 😂 Thank You Sew Much 😃

  4. I was print pattern for knee patch baby pants ,but how to print tutorial ?

    • Hi Irena, the instructions are hosted on this blog post, and are not included in the free pattern download. You can try copying and pasting the instructions to print that way, but that often is tricky to do while keeping good formatting.

  5. I’m going to make this for my granddaughter. I’m wondering if I can use htv for the patches instead of the cotton. Do you know if this will work?


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