Infant Peasant Dress Free Pattern and Tutorial

peasant dress free pattern

Doesn’t every baby girl need a dress that’s just as sweet as she is? Today I’m sharing this FREE Infant Peasant Dress pattern! I’ll teach you how to make a peasant dress for the tiniest of recipients, and it will be your new favorite project you’ll want to make again and again!

Infant Peasant Dress Free Pattern

This simple baby peasant dress pattern is sized 0-3m (approximately 8-12lbs), and is an easy project that is great for all sewing abilities, even beginners. The elastic neckline makes for an easy on and off, keeping both you and your little one smiling :).

We’ve previously shared some of our favorite free baby dress patterns, but this is definitely at the top of our list! Add in some cute burp cloths, cozy footed baby pants (this knee patch baby pants pattern that you can cut with your Cricut Maker is darling too!), and you have the perfect gift with this free baby peasant dress pattern.

Infant Peasant Dress Free Pattern

This is one of my very favorite DIY baby gifts to make, and it’s even more fun when you make a matching DIY scrunchie for the mom (along with a handmade Blanket Hoodie, because what new mom doesn’t want one?!). It’s always such a happy surprise that she loves!

Update: After many requests, the multi-sized pattern is now available in the shop! The Polly Peasant Dress & Blouse PDF Pattern has 10 sizes (0-3m to 6) and features the option for a dainty scalloped hem. You can find it HERE!

*affiliate links below*
3/4 yd 100% quilting cotton fabric (45” wide)
1/4″ wide elastic – approximately 30” – Tip: I love to buy large rolls of elastic like these – it saves a ton of money, and you rarely have to worry about running out when you want to make a last minute gift!
optional: rick rack for trim hem (40″ in length)

Click HERE to download pattern pieces for the free infant sized pattern. Follow the checkout process (no payment info will be asked for), and once that’s complete you’ll automatically be emailed the download link (be sure to check your junk mail if you don’t see it in your inbox and that you spelled your email address correctly)!


For those of you who have asked for ad-free, printable version of the instructions to go along with the free pattern, we now have that available as a completely optional purchase HERE. This file is NOT necessary to complete this free pattern, and this blog post contains the same photos and instructions that you’ll find in that 5 page file, but was designed as a courtesy for those who would prefer to have a PDF file you can print at home rather than viewing online on a computer or device.

Are you a visual learner?
Learn to sew this baby peasant dress with our new detailed video tutorial below, or click here to watch it on our YouTube channel!

How to Sew a Baby Peasant Dress

*All seam allowances to be 3/8″ unless otherwise noted.*

1. Print pattern pieces. Make sure your printer is set to print at 100% and not to scale the file down in size. Lay out fabric with both selvage edges folded in to center of fabric (creating two folded edges – on on each side with the selvages in the middle of the fabric) and right side inward. Cut out fabric pieces as directed on pattern pieces. If you prefer a plain hem rather than rick rack trim, add an extra 1/4-1/2″ to the bottom of the bodice pattern. The length of the dress is designed to hit at or just above the knee so it can be worn with tights or legwarmers, so feel free to add some extra length if you wish to make it longer!

2. Right sides together, pin and stitch one sleeve piece at curve to armhole curve on one bodice piece.

3. Right sides together, pin and stitch remaining sleeve piece at curve to remaining curve on bodice piece.
4. Serge or zig zag raw edges and press seams (technically seams should always be pressed toward the bodice, but I pressed them toward the sleeves so take your pick).
5. Right sides together, pin and stitch remaining curve on sleeves to armhole curves of remaining bodice piece. Serge or zig zag raw edges and press seams. This baby peasant dress pattern is already coming together!
6. If using a serger, serge bottom of each sleeve, removing ¼” of fabric. If not using a serger, press bottom of each sleeve ¼” toward wrong side of fabric.
7. Press bottom of each sleeve ½” toward wrong side (if not using serger the bottom of each sleeve will now have two folds). You can do this step after you sew the side seams in step 9 if you wish, but pressing them now gives more room to work with and I personally find it easier.

8. If using a serger, serge around neckline, removing ¼” of fabric. If not using a serger, press top of neckline ¼” toward wrong side of fabric. Press neckline ½” toward wrong side (if not using serger the neckline will now have two folds).

9. Right sides together, stitch dress together at each side from bottom of dress through folded edge of sleeve, unfolding pressed edge on sleeve. Serge or zig zag raw side seams and press seams.
10. Fold each sleeve back along pressed edge and stitch close serged/folded edge of fabric, forming a casing for elastic and leaving a small opening (it’ll be a bit tricky to maneuver around your sewing machine so take your time and it’ll turn out great).

11. Stitch close to serged/pressed edge of fabric at neckline, forming a casing for elastic and leaving a small opening.

12. Cut 2 pieces of elastic, each 7″ in length. On each sleeve, insert elastic through opening using a safety pin and stitch ends together using a zig zag stitch, overlapping elastic ½” on each end. Note: 7″ of elastic will allow for a chubby baby’s arm circumference. If after inserting your elastic it looks a bit loose for your baby, you may want to trim 1/2″-1″ off the elastic before stitching the ends together.

13. Stitch opening closed on each sleeve.
14. Cut 12” length of elastic. Insert elastic through opening using a safety pin and stitch ends together using a zig zag stitch, overlapping elastic ½” on each end. Stitch opening closed.
 Peasant Dress Free Pattern
15. Serge bottom hem of dress, removing ¼” of fabric, or press hem ¼” toward wrong side of fabric (if you’re adding rick rack to the hem you’ll also want to zig zag stitch the raw edge before pressing it).
If not sewing rick rack trim at hem: Press hem another ½” toward wrong side of fabric. Stitch close to folded edge around entire hem of dress.
16. For rick rack trim, align outer scalloped edge of rick rack with bottom edge of dress and stitch around entire circumference of bottom of dress down center of rick rack. Overlap rick rack at beginning and end and trim excess.

17. Press rick rack to wrong side of fabric, leaving one scalloped edge exposed on right side of dress. Topstitch close to edge of fabric around entire hem of dress, and you’ve completed the baby peasant dress pattern!

Great job, you are done! Now that you know how to sew up this free baby peasant dress pattern in no time, I dare you not to whip up another one ;)!

Baby Peasant Dress Free Pattern
Be sure to share your finished dresses on Instagram and tag me (@sewmuchado)!

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  1. I love these little dresses, and they are so simple to make! Thanks for sharing it today! I hope all is well with you!!! Hugs!

    1. I found the written pattern…..but I cannot find the pattern pieces. I have tried several times. Where can I get these? PLEASE?

      1. Hi Rocky! Just click the link under the supplies section and it will take you to Craftsy where you can set up a free account and download the pattern for free. :)

          1. Hi! I don’t have plans to add a video for this tutorial, but feel free to ask about any steps you’re having trouble with!

  2. Thank you so much for taking the time to make this pattern for us!! I can’t wait to make one for my little girl!!

  3. Lynne – For now, it’s just a 0-3m pattern. I’m planning on making a full pattern with lots of sizes and options in the future that will be available in my shop though, so you can watch for that!

      1. I also cant get it to dowlnload either. And I have one more question not related to this pattern i am looking for a sewing pattern for a pinafore for a size 3-4-5.

        Thank you

        1. Hi Carol! If you scroll through this post, you will see a link to download the pattern (under the “materials” section). The link will take you to Craftsy, where you will be able to download the pattern for free! Hope that helps!

          1. The link for the free peasant dress pattern takes me to the page which you only gives me the option to buy the pattern for $9.00. Can I no longer get the pattern for free?

          2. Hi Diane! The infant peasant dress pattern is still free – just make sure you click on the link that says “click here to download the pattern pieces” – it will take you to Craftsy, where you’ll be able to download it for free. There is another link in that post that will take you to the multi-sized Polly Peasant Dress & Blouse Pattern (for purchase), which is what you probably clicked on instead :).

          3. Hi Diane! The infant peasant dress pattern is still free – just make sure you click on the link that says “click here to download the pattern pieces” – it will take you to Craftsy, where you’ll be able to download it for free. There is another link in that post that will take you to the multi-sized Polly Peasant Dress & Blouse Pattern (for purchase), which is what you probably clicked on instead :).

  4. I think these are so cute! THey remind me of my childhood. My mom used to make all my dresses and I refused to wear anything else! Love these.
    Jenn from, hopping from strictly homemade

  5. This looks great! If I get a chance to make one I’ll send you pics – you did an amazing job writing the pattern – it’s so hard, isn’t it?

  6. This is the cutest little dress! On a scale of 1-10 how difficult would you say this would be for a beginner?

    By beginner I mean I just got a sewing machine for Christmas.

  7. This dress is SO cute!! One of my favorites out there! I will try and adapt this to my daughter who is 4. She has to have it! : ) You did such a nice job on the dress!

  8. Natalie – First off, yay for getting a sewing machine! Second, I’d definitely get to know your machine a bit and practice sewing some lines on scrap fabric (you can also draw lines on paper and practice tracing them with your sewing machine). Once you’re comfortable with your machine, I’d say this is about a 2 out of 10 and you could totally do it. Let me know if you have any other questions and good luck!

  9. Seriously one of the cutest dresses I’ve made. Thanks! Looking forward to the others in your shop :)

  10. Thanks for your pattern….I have made these in the past, but kind of just make it up as I go along (having to re-remember it each time!)…the patterns will be great to have! Come visit me too…


  11. I love this I am going to adapt this for my 5 year old. We do civil War reenacting ant this is a style that was prevelant in the 1860’s for little girls. Thank you so much for sharing.

  12. Thank you – not only for the adorable pattern but for now making it crystal clear how to add rick rack to a hem. Can’t wait to make this dress as part of a baby shower gift.

  13. These are so darn cute – I especially love the one in Rainy Days and Mondays – so retro looking!

  14. So cute!!! I haven’t been sewing for long, but I am excited to try making things for the little girl we will be having in April. But most of the things I see and love online are way too hard. I can do this and it’s so cute! I have all sorts of embellishment ideas! Thanks for sharing!

  15. I have been looking for this type of dress pattern everywhere!! Your tutorial is great!! I would love to have one in a size 2-4. What are the chances of getting you to make one?? Please………….

  16. Just finished one, can’t wait to share!! Thanks for the pattern, it came at a most opportune time!

  17. I just made this dress in purple leopard print, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!! Thanks so much for the pattern! Any idea for a time frame on the bigger sizes? I can’t wait to tackle another one! I, too, just got a sewing machine for Christmas, so I’m on a roll! :)

  18. Finished one last night. Very doable…even for a beginner like me! So cute. Thanks for the great (and easy for me to follow) tutorial!

  19. These are so cute! I really want to try this for my new little arrival, but I am a pre-beginner sewer. haha The elastic scares me.

  20. I loved making this dress (with fabric from a vintage sheet!). I uploaded the photo to your flickr group. I look forward to making more… and hopefully buying your pattern for bigger sizes :)

  21. Desde barcelona,felicidades por este blog,me encanta este vestido,y yo que soy principiante me va a ir genial, es lo siguiente que voy a hacer.Gracias!

  22. I am waiting (not so patiently) for my first granddaughter to be born today and I can’t wait to make her this dress! Thanks for sharing

  23. I did this without the elastic in the arms (i like the open arm effect) and i turned the himn a couple times on each area because i dont have a serger and my machine only does straight stitch!! took me about 10-15 minutes of real work time to cut it and sew it it was so easy!! just hope it fits her when shes born in june.

  24. I just made one of these dresses for a friends baby girl and it turned out so cute! I knew it would, but I am even more in love with it since the finished product is right before my eyes! Thanks for such a detailed tutorial and excellent pattern!

  25. LOVE it! but it won’t let me print or download to print… :( I get the ” This web page has a redirect loop” and it shows a long web address

  26. Jen – Hmm, I just checked it out and was able to download it, so I’m not sure what’s happening (I know sometimes certain web browsers can have issues), but I emailed the file to you – let me know if you have any more problems, and good luck!

  27. I, too, am not able to print this. Click on the link, and it allows me to select print etc.. but it just will not print. I tried it in two different browsers, Chrome and Firefox.

    I would really appreciate a file sent to me via email too. I looking forward to making this for my new little baby girl who will be born in august.

  28. McKrola Family – I’d be happy to email the file to you – your address is not linked to your blogger account so just let me know what it is and I’ll send it on over!

  29. Just a note – some web browsers may not allow you to print directly from the print icon on Google Docs – if you’re having issues, download the pattern first, and then open the file to print and you shouldn’t have any issues.

  30. Ty. My husband came home and restarted the computer and it printed!!!! Very excited to make this little dress. I look forward to larger dress patterns in your shop!

  31. Hi,
    I’m a new sewer. I think I’d like the arms NOT to have the elastic in them. Do I have to alter the pattern? Do I make them slightly smaller? Please advise.

    BTW, any tips on sewing because you use the serger in this post a lot!


  32. Sandra – You can just hem the sleeves without adding the elastic, and they’ll just be slightly fluttery without having to alter the pattern.

    And no worries if you don’t have a serger – each step where I use a serger, I also give instructions for if you’re not using a serger, so just follow along and you’ll do great!

  33. So, so cute! I started making 2 of these dresses today for a sister and a sister-in-law who are both expecting little girls this summer. What a great tutorial! Super easy to follow.
    Thanks for posting this.

  34. Thanks for the great tutorial! I just finished a dress for my sister, who’s expecting her first baby, and it is ADORABLE. Thanks!

  35. McKrola Family – There are a couple pics of babies in the dress in our Flickr pool, just click the Flickr button at the top of the page!

  36. Hello there! Thankyou so much for your fabulous pattern and step by step instructions. I am kinda a newbie and I think that with your instructions I got this…the only thing that is confusing me is the sleeves. I didn’t see a pattern piece for the sleeves. And because I am new, I have no idea how to just make them…can you please help me?
    THANKS so much for your time!!!


  37. Tammy – the sleeve piece is the next page after the bodice pieces. Let me know if you still can’t find them, and good luck!

  38. Thank you for this fun and easy tutorial! I am new at sewing (I got a sewing machine as a birthday gift last month). Your pattern and directions were so easy to follow. I made a cute little dress for my niece that will be born next month. Thanks again!

  39. Thank you for this great tutorial and pattern. This was the first clothing item I made using a pattern (as opposed to just following a tutorial or making it up as I go). Now I feel much more confident :)

  40. Anon – Yes! If you look in our Flickr group you can see an example (it’s red-ish burgandy if that helps you find it).

  41. I made this for my daughter {who isn’t born just yet} out of this beautiful slinky stretch fabric. It was so easy and straight forward, a real no brainer! Which is good when you have baby brain ^_^

  42. Very creative idea and I think its not that difficult to do. I love color as well as the design.

  43. What is the final measurement from the neckline to the hem? I fear I may have made this a bit too short.

  44. A Misplaced Texan – Off the top of my head, I’m pretty sure the length is 12″ from the neckline to the hem. I’ll check on it and let you know if it’s different! It’s not a super long dress, but if you made it too short, you can always add a cute border or ruffle at the bottom to add some length!

  45. I LOVE this tutorial. I have made 3 dresses so far for people I know having babies. Thank you for sharing this.

  46. I love peasant dresses, they are so simple & quick, I tend to do my necklines with shirring because I’m lazy!

    Best thing though is they fit baby right through to a top, Woop!

  47. Seems like its very easy to make. Many mom will love to do this for their little angel. Maybe they can still add some details on it.

  48. Hi Abby, love the pattern. I have been trying to print the pattern for a couple of days to no avail. I don’t usually have any issues with google, but it is not allowing me to save or download. Is it possible for you to email me the pattern? I would much appreciate it!

    [email protected]


  49. Thanks Abby! I look forward to receiving it and knocking a dress out soon for my friend’s brand new baby girl (born Thursday!).


  50. Thank you so much for this tutorial! :)

    I just finished such a little dress for my newborn niece. It looks great. I added a little ribbon at the chest – looks a little like a bow tie. ;) The perfect christmas gift!

    Thanks a lot.
    Greetings from Germany.

  51. Tui – yes, you could definitely add shirring to the waist! It’ll pull the length of the dress up a bit, so adding some length wouldn’t be a bad idea, especially since it’s a fairly short dress :).

  52. Hi, I love the pattern and have bought the multi-size pattern too. Just one question – I saw the seam allowance is 3/8th inch, but are seam allowances INCLUDED in the pattern, or do I need to add them when I cut the fabric out? I mean, is the edge of the paper pattern the cutting line? Hope my question is clear.
    Many thanks for the pattern!


  53. Phillippa – Both the free and multi-sized pattern include the seam allowances (meaning you do not need to add any), but the multi-sized pattern has 1/2″ seam allowances (the pattern mentions this, but thought I would too just in case!) rather than the 3/8″ in the free pattern.

  54. Thanks for the great pattern and tutorial. I posted a photo of my finished dress and link to your tutorial on my blog.

  55. Thank you for this pattern! I made a double layer silk and lace dress for my daughter’s blessing. It was so adorable, thanks!

  56. Hi. I am not a real experienced seamstress and I am not great at reading patterns, but where are the sleeves in this pattern? Thanks.

  57. Grammy – the sleeves are in the same file as the bodice, if you print/download one you’ll have both!

  58. Absolutely loved this pattern, I couldnt find anything similar in the shops, and where I live it is 30+degrees, and a newborn needs something like this with a new belly button. Would love to attach a picture.. Thanks Gloria

  59. Absolutely adorable!

    I’ve pinned this to my baby girl board on Pinterest, please let me know if that is not okay and I’ll remove it. I can’t wait to make this!

  60. I just made one for my baby’s first birthday! It was so easy and turned out great. I already have a request for one from my daughter, and the wheels are turning to make one for me! thank you for your great pictures and instructions :-)

  61. I love this little dress. However, I cannot get the free pattern to print. I keep getting a message that the page is not available.

  62. Dianna – Hmm, I just checked and am able to print the pattern myself – I’m guessing it may have something to do with the browser you’re using or your security settings on your computer. Do you have a different computer or friend’s computer that you could try printing it on?

  63. Thank you for the lovely pattern. I discovered it via I made one up yesterday in the newborn size to give away to my daughter at her baby shower today. I used fabric left from a project I’d done for her when she was little.

  64. It is really attractive. It is a lovely dress idea for my expecting baby.

  65. This is soo cute. I have been looking for the perfect idea for our family photo shoot at an old farm. I am headed to Joanns tomorrow to get the fabric to make my 2,4 and 6 year old girls hopefully as adorable as yours. Thank you for sharing……from a sewing newbie

  66. Thanks for your tutorial. I can’t wait to try out this pattern. I absolutely adore the fall fabric use used for your daughter’s tunic. I tried finding some, but all the fall fabric I found was so grown-up looking, more like something you’d sew place mats with, not cute girl dresses; however, I have some fabric I bought for Go Texan Day in February that will be perfect for this dress.

  67. It’s a very helpful website. Because there is different measurement in it. So I am very luck after finding it. Thanks for sharing this.

    1. Sumitha – It’s sized for 0-3m, fitting up to a max of about 12 lbs, so it will be too small for the majority of 7-8 month old babies. The multi-sized pattern does include size 6-12m, which would be a much better fit (it’s available in my shop).

  68. I have made 2 of these little dresses for my newest grandbaby, and added pockets & panties to them. They both turned out adorable and was so easy to make. Thank you for sharing.

  69. I’m trying to print the 0-3 free peasant dress without any luck. Could you please advise.

    Thanks so much. Janet

    1. Janet – If you download the pattern first before trying to print it, that will often solve any issues you may be having. Give that a try and let me know if you have any more troubles!

  70. I just wanted to stop by and thank you for this great pattern. I am very new to sewing but was able to make a ton of these little dresses for our baby girl who was born earlier this year. They were so cute and I love that as she out grew the length we would use them as tops. Thank you!!!

  71. This maybe a dumb question. But you say to allow a 1/2″ (on purchases pattern) for seam allowances. Is that included in the pieces or do I need to cut “extra”. I know on most patterns from like Simplicity & others that it’s included but I wasn’t sure & don’t want to cut too little of the fabric. I love this dress! Thank you so much for the detailed pattern!

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  74. I’m about to make two of these and I’m trying to decide on fabric. I love the softness of a good jersey knit but wasn’t sure if it wasn’t structured enough for this dress. Do you think it would work?

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  76. I adore this pattern but my grandbaby is one month old and it’s winter. Do you think that the sleeves on this pattern would still be full enough if I added some length to make them long sleeves?
    Thank you for sharing an awesome pattern.

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  78. Very pretty it looks so nice. Most of the patterns on the net look second hand. It seems mothers have cut up their old clothes or got them from an op shop they look so funny and made their child look odd. Yours are so clean and fresh.

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  93. Thank you so much for this tutorial. This is the one that I find easiest to follow, and the cutting produces a nicely draped dress, not bulky at the chest like some other pattern I tried. I have made 3 since, and more in the planning. Thanks again =)

  94. Love the peasant dress. Unfortunately when I download the pattern, the piece marked “Sleeve” appears to be a small copy of the bodice top. Where can I obtain the sleeve pattern, please?

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  132. Thanks so much for sharing this pattern. I just made a dress to give as a baby gift. I enjoyed how easy the tutorial was to follow and loved the results. Thanks!

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  134. hi,
    I am beginner to sewing..
    I came across this pattern..
    *All seam allowances to be 3/8″ unless otherwise noted.* – Can i just print the pattern and cut my fabric or leave 3/8″ around the pattern and cut the fabric..please helpme out..I am going to try out the infant size

    1. Hi! The seam allowances are all included in the pattern, so you can cut the pattern and fabric right along the lines :).

  135. Made these for some friends expecting babies, and I love them! Come together so quick and are adorable. I also changed it a bit to use it as a shirt pattern for my newborn and my 2 1/2 year old. Thank you so much for sharing this pattern.

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  138. I made this for my 6 month old and it is so adorable! The lace I added to the bottom just makes it so sweet.

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  140. I just made this darling peasant dress and a matching diaper cover for my Son’s best friend and his girlfriend’s soon-to-be-here baby girl. I’m not an experienced seamstress, to say the least. Your instructions were so clear and I am thrilled to be able to gift them with something I’m so proud of. Thank you for sharing the pattern and tutorial.

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  145. I loved this pattern!! I sewed it last night. I even managed to fit the bodice (minus two inches at the bottom, which I replaced with a lovely ruffle) into one fat quarter! I cut the sleeves and the frill from a coordinated FQ and it turned out awesome. I will gift it to a friend who just had a baby girl.
    Including the time it took me to figure out the weird placing of the pattern into the FQ and working on the ruffle with the elusive ruffle foot, it took me about 3 and a half hours! Unbelievable. And I am not a very advanced sewer. So I am very proud of myself :)
    Thanks a ton for the post.

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  148. Love this pattern, already made 5 of them! Not sure if it’s already been asked but do you have long sleeve version? Would love to purchase!

    1. Hi Katie! I don’t have a long-sleeved version, but you can easily add length to the bottom of the short sleeve pieces and it turns out great!

  149. semi-novice here, first thank you for sharing pattern, I have been looking for a dress pattern for my new grand-daughter, this is perfect….now, when you fold the fabric to make the two folds, you say with “right side of fabric inward”…. do you mean we start with fabric wrong side up before folding the two salvage edges to center? or is fabric laid out right side up before folding edges to centerr?

    1. Hi Denise! After the fabric is folded, you should see the wrong side of the fabric. But since the pieces are all symmetrical, really you could cut your pieces either way and they’ll turn out correctly!

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  153. You saved a tiny life crisis of mine from happening. Love the simple pattern, it is so simple yet elegant. You make peoples lives so easy.. I dont know what I wouldve done if I hadnt stumbled upon your website and this tutorial.. Bless you

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  157. So I didn’t follow the directions properly and cut the bodice pieces separately. I had driven 45 minutes each way to get the fabric so I couldn’t just go and buy more. I just added some ribbon across the sew mark to cover it and off I went. I would have posted a picture if I could have….

    1. Glad you were able to still make it work! A little ribbon can solve a lot of problems, hehe!

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  162. very nice pattern
    Can you please tell me what is the neck and arm elastic measurementfor a 6 12 18 months
    I found one pattern at a thrift store but they dont give the elastic measurement
    hope to here from you soon

    1. Hi Anastasia, the elastic measurement will vary depending on the drafting of the pattern. I would recommend to cut a piece longer than you think you’ll want, and then trim the excess after inserting the elastic to get the perfect fit!

  163. Hi! My name is Loreto, and I’m a Youtuber from Spain. I have made two versions, a tunic and a dress, and post it at Instagram (@titalore1), of course I have mentioned you! I have a Youtube channel about sewing and one of my subscribers asked me for a video tutorial in spanish, as she is going to have a grandaughter next summer and she didn’t speak english, so she can not understand your tutorial. I told her that I have to ask for your permission, as I don’t want to steal others work. Of course, I will mention you and link to your blog, and talk about all the patterns and tutorials in your blog.
    If you are not comfortable about me making a video tutorial of your pattern, no problem. I understand.
    Thank you very much.

    1. Hi Loreto! Thanks for commenting. You are welcome to make a video tutorial, assuming you are showing you making a dress yourself rather than my photographs and share a link to this page where viewers can download the free pattern from my site. Thank you for asking and I’d love to see the video when it’s up!

  164. Love all your blog ! These are so wonderful ! I made an infant dress last year, but not so good as yours. Will try this pattern next week, thanks for such clear diy tutorial.

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  167. Super pattern but do you have a similar pattern for an older child. My granddaughters are .4 and 6 and would like to make this style for them. Thanks

  168. Great tutorial! Thhank you for sharing! My dauhter is no longer a baby, how can i transport the sizes to hers?She is almos 7 y/o now, so I could do it as a dress or even as a blouse I think.

  169. am so happy to find your pattern. I do charity sewing for babies and children living in poverty and cant tell you how much this pattern is going to be used. God bless you.

  170. I was wondering, would it be possible or how much different would it be to make this with Jersey Knit fabric?

    1. To get any of our free patterns, you’ll need to first click the link under the supplies section of the blog post, and then complete the checkout process. Once that’s completed, you’ll receive an email with the pattern download link. You can also access your pattern by logging into your account (created during checkout) under the “shop” tab of our site. As a note, this is different than entering your email address on our right sidebar – that subscribes you to our newsletter which we’re happy to have you join in on, but is not how you access any of our free patterns 🙂. I hope that helps!

  171. Does this work okay without the elastic? Would be perfect for Kiki’s Delivery service dress.

  172. I recently found out that I am to be a grandmother to a little girl in March next year and have been looking around the internet for a suitable little dress that I can sew for her. Thank you so much for this pattern as it is exactly what I wish to sew. My daughter brought her son home in a unisex bodysuit and I am hoping that our little girl will come home from hospital in a newly handmade little dress, booties and hat made by her Grandma. Many thanks.

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