Little White Dress

baby blessing dress

I hope you all enjoyed your Easter! We were lucky enough to have Joel’s parents visiting, and since it may be a little while before we have family in town again, we thought it would be a perfect Sunday for Hattie’s baby blessing.

Since we hadn’t originally planned on having the blessing so soon, I hadn’t thought too much about making a dress. I considered having her wear Lola’s dress, but I’m kind of over the whole ruffle fabric craze, and I really wanted her to have something special that she could keep. I wanted her dress to be simple and sweet, and am so glad that I ignored my house for a day so I could get it done.

baby blessing dress

I drafted a simple bodice and sleeves, and after a muslin (which I made out of the same fabric in case in happened to work out perfectly, which it didn’t :)), it came out just how I imagined. Or at least close to it, blessing dress

I debating adding the lace to the bodice, but I think it added a little feminine touch that I was hoping blessing dress

I also added two pleats to the skirt to give it a bit of a vintage blessing dress

For the back closure, I opted for an invisible zipper rather than buttons, just because I’ve been using buttons mostly lately and wanted a blessing dress

As we were heading off to church, I realized that my kids and I were all dressed in handmade clothes. I didn’t make Wyatt, Weston, and Lola anything specific for Easter, but the boys wore their Schoolboy Vests, Lola wore her Downton Abbey inspired dress, and I wore a skirt that I made forrreeeever ago :). It was so fun to make the dress for Hattie. With all the new changes in our lives, sewing this dress helped me to feel like myself and like a real person again. I think it may have something to do with the fact that I feel like I’m in control of something for that bit of time when I’m sewing. Does that make sense? Anyway, we just love Hattie so much already, and are so happy that she’s a part of our family.

baby blessing dress

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  1. I love her blessing dress so much! I made one for Kendall too for her blessing in a couple weeks. I think you said it exactly right about sewing makes you feel in control. That must be why I am still sewing through this chaotic time in my life!

  2. Your baby girl is such a doll! I love her name, too. Look at all that hair! My kids were all born with just a little bit of hair.

  3. What a sweet little dress and such a cute baby girl – love her hair! I know what you mean about sewing – I feel like myself and in control of things when I am working on making something – especially clothing for myself – and I feel a sense of accomplishment when it turns out well.

  4. Beautiful dress and beautiful baby. I agree with your sewing comment too. For me it is the only thing that I do that actually stays done. Every other task is completed only to start all over again, cooking, cleaning, laundry, etc. I love my job but it is sure nice to look at a finished project and know I accomplished something.

  5. Beautiful dress! I love how simple it is but lovely and sweet at the same time. Great job!

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