Flashback Friday.

Here’s this week’s Flashback Friday
This green vest is as close as I could get to a green theme for today’s Flashback Friday.  I made this vest when I was 11 or 12, and I thought it was so cool.  I guess at the time it probably was!  Apparently I must have liked to wear it when I played cello, because I have several pictures of me wearing it while I was doing so.  Did you know I used to play the cello?  Yep, I sure did.  Unfortunately it’s been a long time now since I’ve played (my mom finally sold my cello because about the only practice I got was during my lessons), but I would love to play again someday.  Maybe this time I’d practice!  I still feel like a cellist at heart.
I’ll never forget the speech my first cello teacher, Joanne Grant (on the right in the picture above) gave me before she moved away.  She said that one day years from then she expected to hear about me being a famous cellist.  It really was quite an inspiring speech, it was like she actually believed I could do it!  Awkward…  At least I kept up with the sewing.

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  1. Awesome vest! I remember vests like that being all the rage. Funny that they’re back in style – just updated a bit ;) BTW, the cello is my favorite instrument! I play piano & guitar, but love to listen to the cello.

  2. Okay, that vest really WAS awesome! The reason I know is because I used a strip of that same fabric as an insert down the sides of some awesome white Levi’s. Do you know what I’m talking about? They would make a great flashback Friday if only I could find a photo…

  3. I had a couple vests when I was about that age. I too thought I was pretty cool.

    It’s too bad neither of us kept up on our string instruments. We could have done some awesome duets! I wish I still played the violin.

  4. I also do a flashback friday, but it is all family history related. You can check it out at rootsandbranchesfamilyhistory.blogspot.com
    I tried to click the email button but it didn’t work.

  5. If I remember correctly, you not only wore that vest a lot while playing cello, but just wore it a lot in general! It really makes you look the part of a polished cellist! BTW, nice hair Audy (background)!!

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