Lydia Typewriter Quilt

 We are officially out of boxes! That doesn’t mean that we’re officially organized, but I was able to find the fabric I needed to sew this little quilt last week, so I’m feeling pretty good :).
First off, although I did design the fabric on Spoonflower, I can’t take credit for the actual idea for the fabric. My little sister Audy (who, like me, is due in April with a girl after having two boys), found these typewriter quilts by Petunias on Etsy, and asked me to make similar fabric for her baby’s quilt. I hope she’s sure on the name…
I backed the quilt with rose bud ivory minky (you can read my tips on sewing with minky here), and I have to say it looks pretty cozy!

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  1. That is so cute!! I also love the name Lydia. If I could have convinced Scott to love the name as much as I do, Grace would have been Lydia. So excited that you are out of boxes. I’ve been noticing a few of the fun details in your new place – like granite countertops – Lucky!

  2. So beautiful! You did a wonderful job. Did you sew the minky directly onto the cotton or did you sew it inside out and then turn it?

  3. hi! Just wondering how you were able to change the color for the one LYDIA? I’m looking into making some fabric from some designing I’ve done and am interested in your experience.

  4. Thanks everyone! A few answers:

    Jenny – I sewed it wrong sides together and then turned it and topstitched. I also quilted just around the one contrast Lydia.

    Emily – I used Photoshop to design the print and to make one “Lydia” the seafoam color.

    Kendra – The quilt is about 41″x41″ finished, so I ordered 2 yards since Spoonflower doesn’t allow partial yard orders.

  5. It’s beautiful! I did see this when Petunias was carrying it.

    I know you said you used Photoshop, but did you use a specific font, or did you build the name from scratch? I’d love to have that font :)

    Thanks, it’s just lovely!

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