Card Table Playhouse.

I just stumbled across the cutest idea. It is a card table playhouse. The playhouse just slips over the card table and can be taken off for storage. I need to make one ASAP for Wyatt, although the girly ones look so much cuter I think (and more fun to make!). The lady that made the one above sells them on Etsy, check out her store here. She has made some other really cute ones too, so make sure to look at them all. If I were a kid I would love one.

Here is another one that someone made:

More pictures and the post about this lady’s playhouse tent can be found here.

Update: see my completed card table playhouse here!

First Etsy sale.

I had half forgotton about my Etsy shop since I’ve been busy and only had one item posted, and I really don’t like selling things, but yesterday I got a surprise email that my one item had sold! What a nice person to purchase from a seller that has no feedback and only one item in her shop. I got the pacifier clip mailed out to her today and I hope she loves it!

It also motivated me to post some more pacifier clips, and maybe, just maybe, I’ll actually post some bibs too soon.

Blogger Follower.

Do you ever find random blogs that you love but then somehow forget about them and never see them again until you stumble upon them months later? I do all the time, but I recently learned about blogger’s “Follower” feature. It’s great, you just put in the blogs that you want to keep track of, and then it keeps track of all of them and let’s you see any new posts all in one place! I have been loving it. Just go to your dashboard and you can find it there.

p.s. The best part is that you can also see who is following your blog too. I just got my first follower, and I thought she definately needs a shout-out! Check out her blog here.

More tie bibs.

I am slowing getting some bibs done that I had started “assembly line” style. I figured I’d actually complete more in the end that way. Doc (as in Doc Holiday, Wyatt Earp’s sidekick? — Joel says that’s what Wyatt named the bear) had to step in as my model today cause Wyatt was napping and lately it seems like that’s the only time I can get much done. Funny, Doc was a lot easier to photograph than Wyatt usually is.

It gets better.

Don’t worry, I’m not going to post every time I get a good deal, but I had to post this one. At Albertson’s today I got:
12 Yoplait yogurt cups
6 Progresso vegetable soup cans
4 Progresso bread crumbs (not 4 crumbs, 4 containers of crumbs :))
My grand total? $1.24! Plus, the store was out of Green Giant vegetable steamers and a couple other things that I got rain checks for, which will all be free, so you can add them to my list too!