Shirt #1.

I am almost done my pattern-less shirt. I just need to hem it. I think I might leave it long, more of a tunic style, rather than cutting off a few extra inches. What do you think? I know the fabric isn’t the cutest, but considering it was $1/yard at Walmart it worked perfect for a trial run. I also bought a pattern today for a top, so I’m probably gonna make another one out of the same fabric.


Do I have your attention? Good, cause I don’t actually have a giveaway. Jokes on you! Just kidding, well not really, but I am planning on doing my first giveaway since that seems to be what good bloggers do these days. I’m just wondering if anyone has any ideas. I have a few of my own, but I thought it would be fun to hear all of your ideas (emphasis on ALL). Right now I’m going to go and try my hand at designing a pattern for a shirt. What kind of shirt? I have no idea, but I will soon find out. I told myself that if I cleaned my entire house today I could go to JoAnn and get a pattern for my $1/yard Walmart knit fabric. I’ve had this same deal going with myself for the past few days, and I don’t think it’s gonna happen any time soon, so I decided I better just try and make one without a pattern. If I don’t mention anything about it later, don’t ask… for obvious reasons.

Birdie Burpy.

I think this is my favorite applique so far. I can’t show the whole burp cloth cause I’m giving it to my sister tomorrow (when I go to Canada – yay!), and since she’s already seen all of her other gifts I made her thanks to this blog, I need to hide it a bit. I couldn’t resist posting part of it though since I haven’t posted in a bit and am going to be away for the next week. The good news is that I’ve said good bye to my Bleeker Street fabric except for a few scraps.

I need ideas.

Okay, so I have a bunch of Ikea fabric that I need to use (ya know, my stupid rule), but I need some ideas of what to do with it. Originally I wanted to do a wall hanging, but I think I want to actually sew something with it now. I’ve been wanting to make a bag, but I worry that it will look really dirty really fast because of the white background, and I like things to be extremely functional, or I won’t get any use out of it. A bag isn’t totally out of the question though. I don’t want to make curtains with it either… Or maybe I do? I’d really love some ideas, please let me know if you have any!

Th-th-th-that’s all folks.

My last two bibs are done. I think I like appliqueing with felt the best because it’s so fast and easy compared to minky. Minky is still easy, but takes more time and patience. You won’t have to see another post from me about bibs for a while… I hope. Burp cloths, on the other hand…

p.s. Guess what is funny? By reading this post one would probably think that I’ve just finished making 20 or 30 bibs. The total was actually only 7 (8 if you count my first tie bib), and I started them over a month ago. That’s awkward.