Brodie’s Applique.

So this is not a finished project, but my BSF Audy wanted to see some pictures of it in process, so here they are.  This is baby Brodie’s blanket.  I’m pretty sure his mom doesn’t have my blog address, so I think I’m safe.  I still have to bind the edges, but so far so good.  I used cotton on the top and minky a striped pile on the back.

Hello again.

Well, my in-laws just left this morning, and my parents had been visiting us just before that, and now unfortunately we’re all alone again.  We had so much fun with all of them.  I don’t know what Wyatt’s gonna do without all the attention.  Let’s just say that he napped for about 4 hours today!  I think he was catching up after all the fun.  This is a picture of the Baby Bjorn cover that I made a while ago.  It’s just a simple slipcover with openings on the sides and bottom that can be taken off to be washed.  We were in Williamsburg, VA that day.  Polka dots really suit my dad, don’t ya think?

I also gave my mom her apron.  Unfortunately the East Coast humidity was not kind to her natural curl (natural frizz, as she calls it), so she asked that I leave her head out of the picture.  She makes a great model anyway though.  Thanks Ada for noticing that the double eighth notes are upside down.  I spent about 5 minutes looking at the fabric from every direction to make sure nothing was upside down, and of course still got it wrong.  I told my mom I did it on purpose so that when she wears it she can look down at the apron and everything will be the right side up.  She loves choir and music.

I gave my mother-in-law her apron too, and I also ended up making one for my father-in-law.  It had fish on it and her’s was kind of like the brown one I made, with a few differences.

Applique tutorial.

You’ve gotta check out this tutorial on Sew, Mama, Sew!  She does a wonderful tutorial on machine appliqueing.  It is very thorough, and gives all the information a person needs to know.  I’m so glad I came across it tonight because I’ve been trying to think of a special gift to make for a friend that’s having a baby soon (she’ll be induced on Saturday if she doesn’t have it on her own by then… bring on the jumping jacks!).  So now I’ve decided I’m gonna do a baby quilt that’s personalized for baby Brodie.  I can’t wait, I love it when I finally make a decision on something.  Unfortunately now is when the real work starts…

Here’s the link to the tutorial.

Caught up.

After this post I will officially be caught up on pictures relating to my older posts.  I guess that means I’m gonna have to think of some new material.  Any ideas?  This is going to sound totally random, but I want to do a post on sewing with lycra and spandex.  I have been wanting to make myself a swimming suit for a long time (I actually did make one back in the day), and I had to alter one that I bought recently.  I honestly did a lot of googling to find out as much as I could about the needles, thread, etc, and there just isn’t much info about it on the web.  Let’s just say my first experience with wooly nylon was a bit wooly!  What’s wooly nylon, you ask?  Well you will just have to wait and learn all about it when I do that post.

I know that I probably do more writing about what I plan to post than actually posting things, but I have a slight problem with procrastination and if I write about it first, then I’m committed.
So this is the shopping cart cover I made.  Wyatt loves it as you can tell.  I took this picture at the end of our trip to Target and surprisingly he still has a rather pleasant look on his face.  Probably because I let him hold and chew on the Off insectant repellant bottle.  Don’t worry, I watched him closely… except when we were driving home.


What could be worse than going without a camera cord for two months, then finally discovering the cord for the video camera works, unfortunately only two hours after finally ordering a new cord off of Ebay?  I’ll tell you what could be worse: after all that I just described, finding the stupid original cord that I thought I left in Arizona while we moved to Virginia for the summer in plain sight in our only container that I would have originally packed it in, that I’m sure I looked in multiple times on many different occasions.  I knew I wouldn’t have forgotten to pack it!  Seriously…

I know they say that you have a “pregnancy brain” when you are pregnant, but no one tells you it gets worse after having the baby.  I seriously think I’ve lost half of my brain cells.  At least he’s worth it!