Peanut Butter Banana Chocolate Smoothie

Peanut Butter Banana Chocolate Smoothie

You guys, I feel like I’m sharing a deep part of my soul with you today. Sorry to be dramatic, but seriously. I’ve had this healthy Peanut Butter Banana Chocolate Smoothie almost every single morning for breakfast the past few years, and love it so much that I’ve been known to bring my Vitamix with me on vacation so I don’t have to miss out on my morning ritual.

Peanut Butter Banana Chocolate Smoothie

Peanut Butter Banana Chocolate Smoothie

It’s also a favorite for my kids, and I love being able to feed something to them that they love as much as a milkshake but that is actually super healthy.

Peanut Butter Banana Chocolate Smoothie

You can adjust any of the ingredients to get a slightly different flavor, but it always turns out delicious! I like to use different types of almond milk, including coconut-almond milk. Mmm…

Peanut Butter Banana Chocolate Smoothie

If you like your smoothies extra creamy, you can use frozen bananas and reduce the ice to 1 cup. You pretty much can’t go wrong with peanut butter, bananas, and chocolate, haha! I also often add in some frozen chopped spinach for some extra greens – you’d be surprised at how much you can add in before you can even taste it, and my kids actually request it this way!

Peanut Butter Banana Chocolate Smoothie

Peanut Butter Banana Chocolate Smoothie

Serves 4

1 1/4c almond milk
2tb natural peanut butter
1-1.5 servings chocolate protein powder (I use 2-3 scoops of Orgain Creamy Chocolate Fudge Plant Based powder – it’s my absolute favorite protein powder and you can get it for a great price at Costco)
2 large or 3 small-medium bananas – I prefer to use fairly ripe bananas for extra sweetness
3c ice cubes

Combine all ingredients in a blender and enjoy!

Peanut Butter Banana Chocolate Smoothie

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  1. Uh oh! Now I’m going to have to try Orgain! I’ve been using Shakeology and it’s yummy–I do the vegan chocolate with spinach, peanut butter and banana. I tried Vega protein smoothie and it’s not nearly as good. I have an order in for the Vega One which is listed as a meal replacement (as opposed to the protein smoothie product–it has double the calories so I’m hoping it will be closer to the taste and texture of Shakeology). I’d like to find something less expensive than the Shakeology. Thanks for the recommendation!

    1. I’ve never tried Shakeology, but I drink one of these (huge) smoothies every morning, and it keeps me full until lunch. I often have it for supper as well – it’s often more appealing than anything else to me, haha! I haven’t used Vega One, but my sisters used to use it regularly and from what they’ve said, the taste is not great (which is why I could never bring myself to spend so much on it). Pretty much everyone in my family who I’ve encouraged to try Orgain has loved it and switched to it (this isn’t sponsored by Orgain, just to clarify – I just really love it). Anyway, you’ll have to tell me how you like the Vega One and Orgain if you try it!

  2. This looks so yummy! I love a peanut butter banana smoothie – going to have to find that protein powder so I can get some chocolate in there! THANKS!!!

      1. Is this for a weight loss thing, or just as a supplement? I don’t want to lose weight but I certainly don’t want to gain weight either. I’ve been wanting to try smoothies, but I ONLY drink coke. I really want to give up the cokes but it’s hard! I love the combo of this smoothie but I don’t want to gain weight. I don’t eat right and I don’t eat often so I really need something healthy goin in but again it’s hard to change!

        1. I don’t consider it a weight loss thing, although I guess it depends how you would use it. It’s definitely rich in healthy fats and protein, so for me it’s just a really healthy and delicious meal because I drink an extra large glass of it – it keeps me full until lunch every day.

  3. I make something similar but with a chocolate shake protein drink by FirstFitness, … only I also add raw almonds and a squirt of English Toffee stevia and it tastes like a snickers bar! I don’t add the bananas, but I think I’ll try that also. Sometimes I also add pine nuts, sunflower seeds, chia seeds and pumpkin seeds. The crunch of the seeds/nuts add some yummy chew to the drink. I love it!

  4. Thanks for sharing your soul with us, haha! I’m going to see if Sam’s Club carries that protein powder, if not I’m going to order it and try it. We’re supposed to be getting a Costco here soon, fingers crossed!! I made my own version minus the protein powder and I loved it, plus it kept me full until lunch. I’m hoping I can drink it at lunch with the protein powder and it’ll keep me going until dinner. Afternoons is when I just want to snack! :( Hubby has been reading all about the vitamix, I’m hoping I’ll get to upgrade my ninja! Lol.

    1. Oh yay! You won’t regret getting a Vitamix, I honestly use mine at least once a day, often two or three times! I have a friend who makes the same smoothie without the protein powder but adds blueberries, and it’s surprisingly delicious with the peanut butter! I keep thinking I’ll have oatmeal for breakfast and then the smoothie for lunch, but once I wake up in the morning I can’t wait to have it so breakfast it is, lol!

    1. Thanks Marissa! I share this with my kids, but I definitely drink more than my share, lol! I fill up a large tall plastic cup and my kids get the leftovers ;).

  5. Where did you get those cute milk bottles with lids? We do smoothies everyday. My kids would love those.

    1. Hi Buffy! I found them at the Target Dollar Spot (they were $3 for a set of 4). Everything good comes from Target, right? ;)

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