President Hinckley’s 9 Be’s Wall Hanging.

Yesterday my lovely friend Shalene came over and helped me make this wall hanging. She is an expert at crafting, so I was very lucky to have her show me how to do it. I’ve been wanting to do something with vinyl letters forever, and now that I have, my mind is racing with all the things I want to do.

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  1. I love how all the words are around the word BE and I love the rbbon. Very cute! Oh Abby, is there anything you can’t do? :)

  2. It is really cute! I am getting a Cricut (scrapbook toy) and it does vinyl lettering too! I have a list of fun things I wanna try and this is definitely one of them. Your super crafty!

  3. I was just thinking about getting a Cricut cause they were on sale at Joann. There would be so much to use it for, and I don’t even scrapbook. You’ll have to tell me all about your’s when you get it. Maybe I can order stuff from you!

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