I paid what?

Seriously, I am so excited. Over the summer I kinda got into doing the whole “coupon game” but after we moved back to AZ I took a break. Not anymore! Here’s some of my deals I got in the last couple of days between coupons and sales and rebates:

I got all this from CVS last night for a total of $0.73 (and that’s including tax, I would have actually made money if it wasn’t for tax). It normally would been about $28.00.

My total for all this (2 double packs of mascara, 2 Hershey’s chocolate bags (free), 2 Tums (free), and 2 Suave deoderants (about $0.19 each) was $2.53.

This totalled about $2.50. The toilet paper and Loreal face cloths ended up being free.

To my friends that live in the United States, you need to learn how to do this. It’s great to save money, but even better it’s like a game, and if you’re a cheapo like me, it’s really fun. If you’re in the Phoenix area you can go to Coupon Sense to learn about it, or I also like Coupon Mom and Money Saving Mom if you live further away.

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  1. What a good saver you are! I need to take the time to look for great deals like thatway more than I do. Good job!–SaraLyn

  2. good job! that’s awesome!

    hey abby you should take a look at my little “shop” i set up at jwsew.blogspot.com

    just trying to get the word out:)

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