Spit Bib Tutorial and Free Pattern

free bib pattern

Got drool?

Lola does! Today I’m sharing a free bib pattern that has been a lifesaver for us!

I’ve had a love/hate relationship with bibs since my first baby was born – store-bought ones are often ugly or busy, and hand-made bibs are often made out of cute co-ordinating fabrics, but rarely match any of Lola’s clothes or outfits. So it’s either put her in a plain white onesie so that the bib doesn’t clash with her clothes, or ditch the bib and have to change her drooly clothes 5 times a day. With both of my boys it was frustrating, because the “cutest” bibs that I made for them rarely got used, especially not on a day-to-day basis.

free bib pattern
free bib pattern

The solution? PLAIN WHITE BIBS. I wanted to make some bibs that are soft enough for Lola to wear every day over her clothes while she’s in this lovely drooley stage, and require no matching or fuss. Just grab and go. I’ve used knit from both an old crib sheet and maternity t-shirt that never fit me well, and they make the perfect Spit Bib!

free bib pattern

They are super soft, and won’t chaff your little one’s neck, and you can have a pile whipped up during one naptime!

free bib pattern

Want to make some for yourself er, baby?

free bib pattern

Let’s get to work, and you’ll have a pile of new bibs in no time!

free bib pattern

Materials: knit fabric – crib sheets and t-shirts work great!
fusible interfacing scraps
snaps (I like the pearly snaps)

Click HERE for free printable pattern

Instructions: 1. Print pattern and cut out of 3-4 layers of knit. With thicker knit, you may only want 3 layers, but if it’s on the thinner side, I like to use 4.

2. Cut small squares of interfacing (1/2″-3/4″ on each side) and fuse to wrong side of each layer where snap will sit.

3. Layer all knit pieces, matching raw edges, and pin together.

4. Using a ball point needle and a long narrow zig zag stitch (so your stitch won’t break as the bib gets tugged on), stitch through all knit layers around the entire bib.

5. Attach your snaps using a snap fastener or following the manufacturer’s instructions.

When the bibs are washed, the edges will curl up, creating a look like this:

free bib pattern

Enjoy that little drooler!

free bib pattern

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  1. I used to make a ton of these when my kids were little. But it is SO SMART that you don’t monkey around with all the ‘right sides together’ of the fabric, turning it, etc. etc. etc. This is brilliant. And obviously Lola thinks so too. :-)

  2. I’ve never sewn knit. It scares me. I’ll have to take the plunge to make some of these for granddaughter Ava.

  3. She is just so precious! I made a pile of these from old t-shirts back in the spring before my son was born, and they have turned out to be my absolute favorite for daily use. Great job!

  4. My first one was a total spit-up baby, I really could’ve used some cute bibs like these! I love the way the knit layers curl a bit!

  5. Thanks for the pattern! My kids have been total spitters and droolers! I wanted to follow up with you about the email I sent last week. I realized (late) that I was one of the giveaway winners for your patterns! The email address linked to this account is my husbands and I think he probably deleted your email :0( I was really excited to see our name because I never expect to win things and I have been planning to make the Polly Peasant dress for my daughter’s birthday anyway! If you could email me at raewangsgard(at)hotmail.com when you get a chance I would sure appreciate it! Thanks!

  6. Raechel! Hi! I got your email and responded that day, did you get my response? I actually sent the first email to that address as well, so I’m thinking maybe you’re not receiving them for some reason? Maybe check your junk mail. Anyway, will you email me again and let me know which pattern you’d like? Thanks!!!

  7. I had a hard time focusing on this post because of Lola’s fantastic hair. SO FLUFFY WOW. I bet people touch her head a lot, lol. I know Olivia got a lot of that. Jackson, on the other hand, has a light smattering of super blonde hair. He is starting to get drooly so this may come in handy really soon!

  8. One of my babies spit up so much so I made these with a Walmart bag inside. That prevented leakage down to clothes and they made fun crinkly noises and washed up perfectly.

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  10. I bought bundles of pink and blue velour wash cloths and they worked perfect. Made them for our local pregnancy center. Plan on making a bunch more.

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  12. Thank you for the pattern, we have a grand daughter arriving in a few months. Plan on making some bibs for her.

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