I need ideas.

Okay, so I have a bunch of Ikea fabric that I need to use (ya know, my stupid rule), but I need some ideas of what to do with it. Originally I wanted to do a wall hanging, but I think I want to actually sew something with it now. I’ve been wanting to make a bag, but I worry that it will look really dirty really fast because of the white background, and I like things to be extremely functional, or I won’t get any use out of it. A bag isn’t totally out of the question though. I don’t want to make curtains with it either… Or maybe I do? I’d really love some ideas, please let me know if you have any!

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  1. I love this fabric! I made a diaper bag with a fabric that was mainly white (Amy Butler’s Birdie Sling) and it does get really dirty, but I still love it. I am going to send you some links from my projects files which I will probably never get around to :)

  2. The birdie sling was my first thought too. You could use it strictly as a church bag and then it wouldn’t get too dirty.


  3. you could cover the bag with see through plastic-y vinyl, you know what i’m talking about? they make it thin enough that it wouldn’t be too tough, just a thought. you could also make something halloween-y since it’s orange-y red and beautiful. you could make pillows, you could make placemats, table runner, cover a box or some storage thing you already have with it, modge podge something with it…i’ll let you know if i think of anything else:)

  4. Jen I’ve been wanting to try that stuff forever, have you ever used it? It sounds like so much fun. I think I could get addicted, and cover everything around me!

  5. HA- You’re asking us for ideas??? Why do you think we read your blog? To get ideas from you silly. By the way… I lOVE those card table playhouses!!!! Oh so cute, I need one for Sophie! Unfortunately I don’t have a sewing machine. Hmmmmm. I’m actually thinking about getting a small cheap one for Christmas! You’re just so inspiring abby! How old is Wyatt now? How are you guys doing? You should come out here for American thanksgiving! That would be so fun!

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