Wyatt’s Big Blue Bed.

Wyatt’s bed is officially done and in use!  Okay, it was actually set up and being used unpainted for the last two months, but I can at least say it’s officially done.  Like I mentioned in an earlier post, Joel used the basic plans for The Simple Bed from Knock Off Wood

After the bed was made and sanded, and sanded again, we used a paint sprayer to paint it blue, which I highly recommend!  It gives such a nice finish and saves so much time.  If you already have an air compressor, it’s definitely worth it.
After painting, we distressed the bed lightly.  Although I love the look of it, it’s pretty much a strategic move for us to distress furniture.  With a two year old and a one year old in the house it helps our furniture just get better with time :).  Lastly, we sprayed the entire bed with a clear coat to protect it.
Wyatt really likes his new blue-by-request bed, and Weston does too!  Joel added some extra L-brackets and supports to the frame, and I’m thinking that was a good idea.

Now I need to get busy and make a bedspread for Wyatt.  Go here to find the plans for the bed!
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  1. This bed is so lovely! wish I had the skills and tools to make one for my daughter (it would have been bright yellow) But I found a metal one that can be sprayed…
    You boy looks like he loves his new furniture! Hope he’ll rush to bed for some days (weeks?) just to be in it :P

  2. Such a cute bed. Love the little quilt on the end too.

    Have you seen the new fabric line coming out called “Pure” from Sweet Water for Moda? It might be perfect for his new bed cover! I can’t wait to get some Pure myself.

  3. The bed came out great!!! Love the color and the distressing too! Looks like your Little Man loves it too! Great job!

    Andreann, it’s easier than you think! Honest!

  4. Great bed! Love the color and after seeing the close ups on the pictures, I’m thinking I need to add a paint sprayer to my tool wish list. What a great finish it gave, even in pictures! Isn’t Ana and her Knock off Wood the greatest thing since sliced bread! I have a few projects lined up, but am waiting until after my vacation this summer to tackle them. Can`t wait… for both the vacation and the building! And oh yes, the quilt is quite charming too! :o)

  5. I absolutely LOVE it. My son would go crazy for this bed, he loves blue. I have to show my husband. Thank you for the inspiration!!!

  6. This is fantastic! Don’t you just love those furniture plans? I have just added this one to my To Do list. Thanks for sharing!


  7. Looks so cute! I love the color. Totally agree with you on the distressing.With a 3 year old and 1 year old then it ends up distressed anyway!
    Thanks for linking up to We Can Do It Cheaper!

  8. I LOVE it!! my dad was a furniture builder – so both of my daughters have beds built by their grandpa (as well as a ton of other furniture)….they greatly treasure these pieces now that he’s gone.

    Thanks for linking up and sharing!

  9. So impressed!!! I’ve been wanting to build something from Ana’s site, but I’ll probably only start with a bench. Thanks for linking up to the POPP.

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