DIY Geometric Painted Shoes Tutorial

DIY Painted Shoes

Today I’m sharing an easy and fun way to make these geometric inspired shoes! Slip-on canvas shoes are my go to choice for footwear in the summer, and I’m always looking for a unique new pair to keep my wardrobe fresh and stylish. This is the perfect way to add some pizzazz to a pair of white canvas shoes, and will have your feet ready for Spring! Painted shoes are much easier than you might think!

DIY Painted Shoes

To create the geometric triangle shapes, we’ll use Tulip Color Shot Instant Fabric Color, which is a fabric spray paint that is super user friendly. You’ll have your new shoes ready to go out on the town in no time!


White canvas shoes
Painter’s tape
Tulip Color Shot Instant Fabric Color – I used Mint and Gold Metallic
Paper Towels
Cardboard or newspaper to place shoes on while spraying

DIY Painted Shoes

Let’s Get Started!

Begin by taping off rubber edges of each shoe with painter’s tape, sealing off edges next to canvas as closely and tightly as possible to prevent paint bleed through.
TIP: It helps to use small pieces of tape around the toe and heel curved areas.

DIY painted shoesDIY Painted Shoes

Cut small triangle shapes from painter’s tape, approximately 1”x1”x1” and place them in desired pattern on each shoe.

DIY Painted ShoesDIY Painted Shoes

Now for the fun part – the painting! Place shoes on cardboard or newspaper in a non-windy outdoor location. Following manufacturer’s instructions, shake Tulip Color Shot Instant Fabric Color Spray for one minute. Spray thin, even coats, 5 minutes apart, until desired color is reached. I sprayed 3 coats of mint, and then finished with two coats of gold up the back of each shoe for accent!

DIY Painted Shoes

Let shoes dry completely (30 minutes is recommended but I left these overnight). Remove all painter’s tape carefully.

DIY Painted ShoesDIY Painted ShoesDIY Painted Shoes

Remove paper towels and you now have a custom pair of shoes that you’ll love to wear!

DIY Painted Shoes

How easy was that?! Now make some plans and start rocking those new shoes!

DIY Painted ShoesThis tutorial was originally created for Jo-Ann Fabric & Craft Stores, who supplied the materials and provided compensation for the post. All opinion, content, and photography are genuine and my own!

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