DIY Fairy Garden and Fairy House Tutorial

DIY Fairy Garden

Hi friends! Have you gotten on board with the fairy garden trend yet? If not, now’s the time! Today I’m sharing a DIY Fairy Garden and Fairy House tutorial that is fun for all ages and will definitely get your creative juices flowing!

DIY Fairy Garden DIY Fairy Garden DIY Fairy Garden DIY Fairy Garden

Create a fairy garden with your little ones or on your own, and it is guaranteed to be magical for everyone involved!

DIY Fairy GardenDIY Fairy GardenRead through to learn how to create your own fairy house and fairy garden, and then use your imagination to create your own – the possibilities are endless!

DIY Fairy GardenDIY Fairy Garden

Let’s get started!

DIY Fairy Garden

DIY Fairy GardenSupplies:
wood crate or other container to hold fairy garden
unfinished bird house
jig saw or small hand saw
decorative stones (the flatter the better – available in floral section of your local Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Store)
brown acrylic paint
sponge paint brush
e-6000 glue or other weatherproof glue
wood slices
moss mat
small artificial flowers (available in-store)
hagnaya bundles or other decorative sticks
moss spheres
fairy garden accessories as desired (fairies, chair, table, etc)
soil for garden base

DIY Fairy GardenTo create fairy house:
Begin by using scissors to remove rope hanger from top of birdhouse.

DIY Fairy GardenTo create house door, draw lines downward from one window on front of house. Use jig saw or small handsaw to cut down each line.

DIY Fairy GardenPaint exterior of house with acrylic paint. Paint as much of interior as possible, especially areas that will be seen through window and door openings.

DIY Fairy GardenUse e-6000 glue to adhere stones to front of house. Be sure to do this step outdoors where there is good ventilation! Let glue dry completely.

DIY Fairy GardenMeasure roof and cut moss mat to fit, adding ¼” extra on each side. Use e-6000 glue to adhere moss mat to roof. Allow glue to dry completely and trim excess moss from edges as needed.

DIY Fairy GardenTo create trees:
Carefully twist tip of one hagnaya stick into one moss sphere, creating hole to center of stick. Remove stick and place e-6000 glue on tip, then place back into hole in sphere. Repeat to create more trees and allow glue to dry completely.

DIY Fairy GardenTo assemble fairy garden:
It’s time to use your imagination! Fill wood crate with soil, stopping 1” below top of crate.

DIY Fairy GardenPlace fairy house as desired, and use small wood slices to create pathway.

DIY Fairy GardenTo create flower garden, cut moss mat to fill desired area of crate. Cut small flowers just below base, and use scissors to create holes in moss mat. Place e-6000 glue on base of flowers, and place into each hole in moss mat. DIY Fairy Garden Add in other accessories as desired, and don’t forget the fairies!

DIY Fairy GardenDIY Fairy GardenThere you have it, your very own fairy garden and fairy house! Have fun adding in seasonal accessories, and enjoy your fairy garden through the summer and beyond!

DIY Fairy GardenDIY Fairy GardenThis post was originally created for Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores, who provided the supplies and compensation for the project. All content, photography, and opinions are my own and genuine!

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  1. I cannot believe you made that house! That is so fantastic! I really want to make a fairy garden for our front porch as well, I know my kids would love it.

  2. Made this one, too, plus others from unfinished bird houses. Fun to decorate. Got my houses cheap at Walmart in the craft section.

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