A New Project

I hope all of you in the United States had a good July 4th yesterday (and all of you not in the US :))! We enjoyed a church BBQ and then spent the rest of the day getting started on a new table for our dining room.

We’ve had a small Ikea table for the past 7 or so years. I remember when we bought it, we said it should last us until we had a couple of kids. Well, funny enough, right around the time that our third came along, it became time for a new table!

The kids have had their way with the chairs, and also the finish on the table top, so it’ll be so nice to upgrade to a table that’s larger and nicer to look at :).

I’ve got Joel on a deadline (we may have made a deal in exchange for him buying some new things to make the table with), so hopefully I’ll be able to post the finished product soon!

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  1. Ha, ha! Your deal line made me laugh–can totally see that happening. :) I think we were saying the same thing seven years ago about a variety of things…and some of them are still here! Can’t quite rid ourselves completely of those Polo Club days! :) Hooray for new furniture!

  2. The deal made me laugh as well. You two do such a great job building and designing things!! I am excited to see the finished product :)

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