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How to make a LEGO table

I think many parents would agree that LEGOs are both the worst and best toys. I definitely love them, but not stepping on tiny pieces that were left on the floor! I created this DIY LEGO Table (2 ways!) to keep my kids’ creations off the floor and a little further from my feet ;), and am sharing the full tutorial with you today!

I originally created the black and blue DIY Lego table you see in these photos for my boys a number of years ago, and more recently create the white version for my girls with a slightly different technique.

DIY Lego Table

I’ll share both ways to create an easy DIY Lego table, so you can choose which method you’d prefer! But spoiler alert, I much prefer the more recent version I made – it’s both foolproof and quick to create, and although the first version was easy, this was even easier!

My kids love to cozy up to the table with a giant floor pillow and could stay there for hours! Or maybe your kids like to take their creations along with them wherever they go like mine sometimes do? There’s a cute backpack tutorial for everyone on this list.

I used the same materials for both versions, an IKEA LACK side table (also found here on Amazon if you don’t live near an IKEA but you can check if IKEA will deliver to your area – I was happy to pay for shipping and save the trip, and it was still much less cost than ordering from Amazon) and 4 LEGO baseplates (you can find the blue ones here and the white ones here).


The only difference between the two DIY LEGO tables I made is the way the baseplates were attached to the tabletop. For the first version, I used Gorilla Glue, and for the second version (white), I used double sided carpet tape.

IKEA LACK LEGO tableHow to make a LEGO table

As I mentioned, I preferred using carpet tape to Gorilla Glue, and the main reason is because the Gorilla Glue is trickier to work with, as it expands after application and is a little more of a wild card as to how far from the edges of the baseplates it should be applied.

But having said that, the Gorilla Glue does give you room to adjust the plates once they’re placed on the table, where you don’t have that flexibility when you lay the carpet taped baseplates on the tabletop for this DIY Lego table.

If you’re looking for a DIY LEGO storage area as well, perhaps try our wood crate bookshelf tutorial. Add some cute baskets for LEGOs and you’re set!

Ready to learn how to make a Lego table for yourself (I mean, for your little ones, but I won’t tell if you end up playing along as well…)? Let’s go!

How to make a LEGO tableHow to Make a Lego Table

IKEA LACK side table – or find on Amazon here
LEGO baseplates – 4 10×10″ – find white here or blue here
Double sided carpet tape (used for white table) OR Gorilla Glue (used for black table)
Handful of long LEGO bricks
Masking, painting, or washi tape

The first step to this LEGO table tutorial is to assemble the IKEA LACK table following the booklet instructions. If preferred, you can also attach the legs as the very last step, if you’d rather have the stability of the table top placed directly on the floor while attaching the baseplates.

Four of the plates fit perfectly on the table with a 3/4″ish border around the edge. Use long LEGO bricks to attach the four plates together to ensure correct spacing. Otherwise, if the plates are touching each other, pieces won’t be able to overlap from plate to plate.

IKEA LACK side table hack

Carefully turn baseplates upside down and place on the table top. Center plates to ensure equal table top space on each side, and use masking, painter’s, or washi tape to mark placement on two adjacent edges. This will make it easier to place the baseplates once they have the adhesive on.

How to make a LEGO table

If you’re using double sided carpet tape, cut pieces as pictured below and place on the backside of the 4 baseplates.

If using Gorilla Glue, keep in mind that it expands A LOT while drying, so be sure to keep it far from the edges of the plates. I kept mine at least 1″ away, and still had some areas where it started to sneak out around the edges, so I’d recommend 2″ to be careful.


If using carpet tape, remove backing on all pieces. If using Gorilla Glue, wait instructed amount of time as mentioned in package instructions (usually a few minutes). Carefully turn baseplates right side up and place on table top, aligning with tape edges so baseplates are centered on table top.

IKEA LACK LEGO tableIKEA LACK side table hack

Press firmly on baseplates and place some heavy books or other flat objects on the baseplates for several hours.


And that’s it! Now that you’ve learned how to make a LEGO table, get ready for your kids’ friends to be requesting one as well!

DIY Lego Table

Be sure to tag us on Instagram (@sewmuchado) if you make one for yourself, I’d love to see it!

DIY Lego Table

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  1. I read your title out loud and Scott came running over… I think this is a project we will definitely want to do!!! It looks great! :)

  2. I made one about a year ago. My son plays on it often & it really helps keep the legos in one place & off the floor!

  3. I had an extra nightstand around that wasn’t being used and made this-its great for my 6 yr old son!!! My nightstand even has a shelf, so we have a plastic tub on the shelf to hold the pieces he isn’t using at the moment.THANKS!!!

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