Burp Cloths, Check

When I buy or order flannel for a receiving blanket, I always buy 1.5 yards of each print. It seems to be the perfect amount for a good sized receiving blanket, and leaves just enough left over for one or two matching burp cloths.

With all the single and double layer receiving blankets I’ve made lately, I had a big pile of fabric waiting to be made into burp cloths.

To save myself from burp-cloth-sewing boredom, I chose three different easy styles, and made a few of each. It’s so nice to have that checked off of my to-do list and have the fabric out of my sewing room and into the baby’s room. I’ll be sharing a tutorial that gives a quick run-down for each of the three burp cloth styles soon!

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  1. Love these burp cloths. They are so cute and soft with the flannel and perfect that they match with a blanket! Can’t wait to see the tutorial.

  2. I’ve just nominated you for the Versatile Blogger award. You’ve probably been nominated millions of times, so don’t worry about following it on unless you want to but I think you’ve got one other rather more important thing to deal with right now :-) I hope all goes well with the baby.

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