DIY Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween Costumes to Sew

Do you love getting Halloween costumes together each year, or are you a little more luke-warm with the whole thing? For me, it depends on the year, but either way, no matter how many costumes I’ve made over the years, I’m always looking for more DIY Halloween costume ideas. Can you relate?!

To help get your own creative Halloween juices flowing, check out the DIY Halloween costume ideas below! Because my medium of choice if fabric, most of the ideas involve sewing rather than crafting with items like cardboard or spray paint, and I hope you find the inspiration you’re looking for!

Ideas for DIY Halloween Costumes

DIY Witch Costume and Free Witch Hat Pattern

DIY Witch Costume + Free Witch Hat Pattern

It seems like a right of passage for every little girl to be a witch for at least one Halloween, doesn’t it? This Halloween costume idea also comes with a free printable witch hat pattern that fits your littles! Add it to either a handmade or purchased little black dress or skirt and tights, and you’ll have a happy little witch on Halloween night.

DIY Baby Elvis Costume

DIY Baby Elvis Costume

I mean, what is cuter than a baby in a jewel encrusted jumpsuit? If you have a baby gifted with an extra generous head of hair like I did, it’s hard to resist dressing them up as a little King for a night, with no wig required! And as a bonus, you can use a onesie pattern to make this Elvis costume, so they don’t have to sacrifice comfort for style ;). With the recent release of the movie “Elvis”, I think this costume will be an extra popular one this year!

Bank Robber Halloween Costume

DIY Bank Robber Halloween Costume

I love this costume idea because much of it can be pulled from your own closet last minute, and with a few added accessories, you’re set! As a bonus, the robber bag makes the perfect DIY trick or treat bag! Overall, it’s one of my favorite easy Halloween costumes that works for all ages. Because even the most prepared need ideas for last-minute costumes sometimes, am I right ;)?

DIY Halloween Costume Ideas

DIY Caveman (Family!) Costumes

While I made these caveman costumes for my family when my now teenage boys were just toddlers, it works great for any type of group costume and you can follow the tutorial to see just how easy they are to sew up.

DIY Halloween Costume Ideas

DIY Cactus Halloween Costume

This DIY cactus costume is a contender for one of my all-time favs. We still laugh about the green face makeup that my son added himself last minute, and it’s the perfect comfy and easy-to-wear costume! You could make the pants and hoodie like I did, or grab a green sweatsuit from Amazon and just add the ties yourself. A great idea if last-minute Halloween costumes are your thing like they are often mine.

DIY bunny costume

DIY Bunny Costume

If you look around any Halloween party, there’s sure to be at least a few little bunnies hopping around! This is a favorite for colder climates especially – it’s was always helpful to have costumes that could fit over boots and even gloves with our rainy WA Halloweens.

DIY Halloween costume ideas

DIY Mummy Costume

The best part about creating a DIY mummy costume for Halloween is that when your kid tramps through the mud and dirt in it, you don’t have to cringe at the thought of your handmade work being ruined, because all that filth just makes it better!

How can I dress up for Halloween without a costume?

DIY Ugly Halloween Sweaters

Not everyone likes to dress up for Halloween, and I get it! Here’s one last “costume” idea that will require you to get out your glue gun and hot glue rather than your sewing machine. It’s an easy DIY Ugly Halloween Sweater that you can throw on with your favorite jeans or any other outfit (throw on a dollar store headband if you’re feeling extra festive ;)), and is perfect for all of those October parties.

What else can I sew for Halloween?

free Halloween cut files

Trick or Treat Bag Pattern (Free!)

Once you have your fun costume ideas figured out, go for bonus points by sewing a fun trick or treating bag! Download the free pattern and SVG cut files and whip up these totes for your kids in no time.

There you have it, DIY costume ideas for the whole family! Have a safe and happy Halloween!

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