Southward Stop Anthro Dress – A Few More Inches, Please

My sister Audy bought the Southward Stop Shirtdress from Anthropologie awhile ago, but as you can see…
It was just too short! Not quite long enough for her liking. She needed about 5 inches to make the dress functional. Well, Audy’s a thinker, and figured that if she waited long enough, I’d be home for a visit and would fix it for her, given enough Haagen Daz peanut butter chocolate ice cream.

She was right (and the ice cream was delicous, by the way), and off to the fabric store we headed. We decided on a champagne colored taffeta and some wide crocheted lace.

I originally made an entire underskirt that attached to the dress at the waist, but it was just too bulky and didn’t hang nice at the hem. So out came the seam ripper and scissors, and I attached the taffeta to the original hem, adding a second row of stitching.
It actually worked out well, because I also stitched the bottom opening of the corduroy closed in the process, making the dress even easier to wear. She won’t have to worry about it coming open when one of her three little kids is tugging on her at church.
Her dress will get so much more use now! And since Audy’s the baby of the family, I can’t resist adding – isn’t she cute?!

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  1. I love how you fixed this! And I love the boots too. Your sister is very cute. For a second I thought it was you. =)

  2. This is such a great idea! I always have a hard time finding long enough skirts. This will help solve that problem. I love that it makes it unique! thanks for sharing.

  3. I love fixes like this! (I just need to remember this when I’m trying things on at the store…I usually just think oh it’s too short and don’t buy things.) It’s really cute and your sister is adorable.

  4. Did not think that the dress was too short, particularly when worn with tights. However, I do love what you’ve done to it to make it longer. it adds a darling layer of romance. 10/10 upgrade ! Wow.

  5. You look so much alike! I also didn’t think it looked TOO short, but what you added really adds a lot to the dress. Well done, Abby!

  6. I really like how you didn’t just add plain fabric to the bottom but added extra as well. I can totally sympathize with the hemline, that length looks cute standing still but I just can’t manage to do anything but stand still in anything shorter than knee length without feeling like I’m letting it all hang loose! :P Some things you just don’t want to have to wear with leggings!

  7. Your sister was very clever to make the changes she did, the dress is a lot more fun too!! BTW just wanted to thank you for hosting your show and tell, yours was the first one I posted on, it seems like so long ago. Thank You!

  8. You know what I always say: Modest is Hottest! Nice trim! :) I’d do anything for peanut butter hagen das!

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