Raglan Long Sleeved Tee

Joel cleaned out his side of the closet last week (thank you!), and had quite the pile of t-shirts that he was ready to donate to a charity project his work is participating in. I made sure to raid the pile before the rest was bagged, and came away with about 10 or so t-shirts that I knew would be great for repurposing projects.

The first project was a no-brainer. I’m also planning on it being my second and third project… and maybe fourth. If you read my review of Sewing for Boys, you may remember seeing the raw edged raglan tee.

I’ve really been wanting to use this pattern since I received the book, and once I had a pile of shirts waiting to be given new life, I finally sat down and made one! Note to self: Wyatt and I are both so much happier when I give him the creative freedom for photos.

I wish I would have made one so much sooner! It only took about an hour or so to have the shirt made, including tracing the pattern – and with two boys at my heels, turning the sewing machine on and off repeatedly.

Wyatt was super excited for his new shirt (especially knowing it was made from his dad’s old shirts – I think he thought he was getting away with something naughty), and picked out the colors for the sleeves and body.

I decided to keep the raw edges on the inside rather than the outside of the shirt, which was a simple change, and added an inch of length to the body so I could have room for a hem. Next time I’ll likely go for the raw edges though. I think they’re just as cute.
For the sleeves, I used the hem of Joel’s shirt, so I didn’t even have to worry about adding a hem which was a nice time-saver.
My favorite part about this shirt? The fit. I did go up a size for Wyatt and made the 6/7 as opposed to the 4/5, because he’s so long bodied, but the shirt is cut nice and slim, but still plenty long. Don’t you hate short and wide boys shirts? Not to mention any names, ahem, Old Navy. Anyway, this pattern has a perfect fit, and turned out exactly how I hoped it would.

Shelly and Karen do such a good job of creating patterns, and now I’m excited for my next project from their book! I’ll have to get over my raglan tee affixiation first, but it’ll happen… eventually.

If you’re looking for Sewing for Boys, you can find it here, or here at Amazon.

Happy Friday!

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  1. I love that book too! I have made about three pairs of the kickin’ back sweats already. I upcycled one pair from an old t-shirt, I love them! I may have to try out the shirt the way you did it, yours came out great!

  2. I hate any short, wide shirt…girls or boys. My kids are long and fairly thin and it bugs me–bad when i wash them once and they are short and WIDE. That shirt turned out perfect. Amy said she got to see you when she was in UT last and it made me miss you. I can’t believe how big the boys are getting! I hope Joel’s next job is in AZ :)

  3. There is NO WAY thanks home made.

    (or should I say: MY homemade stuff never looks like that.)


  4. Oops – “THAT’S.”

    Good ol’ Rebecca….never editing comments until after she hits publish :)

  5. I think I’m going to do this with an old hockey shirt that I have. It’s a little too big for my son and I’m sure he would love to wear it. Thanks for the idea. Love it!!

  6. I do not have little ones to sew for anymore, but I just had to comment on the lovely photos of your son! You can tell he was having fun!

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