Little White Dresser Makeover

Dresser Makeover

Hello! Today I’m sharing this dresser makeover with you that I did for my girls’ room. I found this beaut at Value Village for a whopping $10, and the before was faaaaar from pretty.

dresser makeover

I told you :). It was covered in stickers, and had a lot of large and small dings. But when I pulled out the drawers, I was surprised at how clean and sturdy it was, despite the outer appearance. It almost didn’t make sense – the inside definitely did not match the outside. I knew it would be perfect for a makeover, so home it came with me.

dresser makeover

dresser makeover

I thought about using chalk paint like I did on this hutch makeover (which has been the best organization help for my sewing room), but decided to stick with latex this time.

dresser makeover

I had to do a fair amount of wood filling and sanding, and afterward I painted the dresser with a black paint + primer spraypaint so that it would be dark when I distressed it.

dresser makeover

Next I did three coats of flat ultra white latex paint, and then distressed all the edges. I finished it with a few coats of polyacrylic (which is a water based finish, as opposed to oil based, which will yellow on white paint) to protect it.

dresser makeover

The original dresser didn’t have drawer pulls (there are grooves underneath each drawer to pull), but I thought they would add a nice touch. I found these pulls at Home Depot, and love how the black contrast looks on the white dresser.

dresser makeover

This little dresser is the perfect size for Hattie’s clothes, and was a really fun project to do. I’m still looking for a dresser project for my room, so hopefully that will be my next DIY project!

dresser makeover

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  1. Love the dresser! Total makeover save!! I have one in my garage I want to redo but it has a laminate top and I’m not sure what to do with it. Not sure if paint will adhere to it or if I need to do something and leave the top alone. I really want to paint it as its a dull blonde color. Yikes! I admire your zest to just go for it!

  2. I love it. Our kids need dresseres desperately. We are still doing plastic storage drawers. I think a DIY is in due order. It’s a pretty great talent to see something ugly and old and look at it with potential.

  3. I LOVE this~ furniture makeovers are my favorite.
    So rewarding. You did an amazing job.
    I am impressed with your use of spray paint, too! I am a disaster when I use it. LOL

    1. Thanks Michelle! And let’s just say that I’m no longer allowed to use spray paint / paint sprayers in the garage… ;)

  4. I know exactly why the “before” was excellent condition on the inside and banged up on the outside — it belonged to a boy(s) — they beat up the outside and never keep their clothes in the drawers.

  5. This is great! I have a chest in my garage I want to redo. Unfortunately it has a laminate faux wood look top and I’m not sure I can paint it. It’s that 50-60’s blonde furniture. I keep debating whether I should donate it as is so someone could use it or risk ruining it if the top won’t hold paint. Yours looks fabulous! Like the dark paint underneath.

    1. Thank you Diana! Laminate is always tricky! You may have good luck using chalk paint, though – it will stick to a lot of surfaces that latex won’t. I say give it a try!

      1. That is exactly what I was thinking! I also have an old metal file cabinet I want to paint and give a redo. I think chalk paint would work on it as well. Thinking I have some projects in my future. Thanks for the inspiration?

  6. I cannot believe what a huge difference you made in that dresser! It looks awesome, Abby! I love it. :)

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