Leopard Bag {A New Pattern Coming Soon!}

Bag PDF Sewing Pattern

UPDATE: The Airdrie Bag PDF Pattern is now available HERE!

Hey guys! Today I get to share a peek of the newest pattern I’ve been working on. And yep – it’s a bag!

Bag PDF Sewing Pattern

I’ve been using my Lola Bea Diaper Bag for over three years (my daughter Lola Bea just turned three, and I made the bag just before she was born!), and it has been awesome. But let me tell you, after three years of daily use, the fabric has literally worn through in places. I’m happy to say that the stitching and construction has definitely passed the test of time, but the poor fabric has seen better days.

Bag PDF Sewing Pattern

I wanted to make a new bag, incorporating all of my favorite aspects in a bag. One of the most important features I wanted was an adjustable messenger strap. With four kids, it’s a must to be able to sling it over my shoulder and wear it cross-body when we’re out and about.

Bag PDF Sewing Pattern

And let’s talk about the pockets for a moment (or a few moments… there are a lot of pockets). This bag has a front magnetic snap pocket…

Bag PDF Sewing Pattern

A back zippered pocket…

Bag PDF Sewing Pattern

Exterior side pockets…

Bag PDF Sewing Pattern

An interior zippered divider pocket, which was one of my favorite features of the Lola Bea Bag – I had to include one on this bag. The pocket itself is so handy, but I also love that it divides the bag interior into two sections.

Bag PDF Sewing Pattern

And last of all, interior elastic pockets to help organize all your belongings.

Bag PDF Sewing Pattern

Another must-have for me when I was designing this bag was to have a zipper closure. I love the hidden recessed zipper, and that it allows the lining to peek through on the sides. Cause the lining fabric is always the most fun to choose, isn’t it?

Bag PDF Sewing Pattern

I am so excited to use this bag over the summer. It’s practical, fun, and it’s leopard print, which I’m slightly obsessed with these days. I’m hoping the pattern will be ready for testers in the next couple of weeks, fingers crossed. Thanks for reading!

Bag PDF Sewing PatternDetails:
Exterior Fabric: Premier Prints – purchased here
Lining Fabric, zippers and hardware: Jo-Ann

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  1. Looking forward to the new pattern. It looks roomy, yet manageable. Great choice of fabrics too!

  2. I love the look of this bag. I like the divided center. Not only a place to make sure I don’t overload the bag, but a place to store my kindle. Wish I was on your tester list! Lucky gals! Can’t wait for you to release this. :)

  3. This bag is perfect! I’ve been wanting to make a bag to carry everything for myself and my 3 kiddos for awhile. If you need any testers; I would LOVE to be one for you!

  4. If you are looking for testers, I would be ecstatic to test this one! My kids are 15 and 9 and I STILL carry a ton of stuff. LOL

  5. This is a must sew in my future!! As you know I adore my Lola Bea too :) But I will definitely be getting this pattern once it’s ready. I love the zipper closure!

  6. So glad I found you. Love this bag. So roomy and I love pockets. Been looking for a good bag that doesn’t cost a small fortune and was considering making one but hadn’t found a pattern I like either. Please let me know if you need testers. I have tested patterns before.

  7. im interested in testing this pattern. Check out my work on Instagram – Mumziepooh. I do a lot of pattern testing!


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