Meeting Amy Butler

The other day I mentioned that I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Amy Butler this week, thanks to Material Girls Quilts (who carries the BEST selection of Amy’s fabrics and patterns in the Salt Lake Valley).

I expected to get to meet Amy and have a photo taken with her, but I didn’t expect to get to have a nice long conversation with her, which I did! I told her I was a new designer and she talked about how she got her start as an illustrator, and it was bit by bit that pattern making and fabrics became her full time job. She was extremely motivational and supportive, and was so personable. Amy acted like she was nothing special (which of course I know is not true), and I can’t say enough good about the whole experience!

I brought just one of my Amy Butler books for her to sign…

You could say that I was pretty nervous meeting the “Oprah” of the quilting and pattern world, but I have to say that Amy was incredibly warm and down to earth. I was SO SO SO glad that my friend Alisynn came along with me (and I’m still embarrassed that I did all the talking and didn’t let her get more than two words in — sorry, Ali, please blame the butterflies!!!)

Funny moment of the evening – Before we met Amy, I said to Alisynn, “I sure hope my lips don’t stick to my teeth,” which they tend to do when I get nervous and my mouth is dry — not attractive when you’re meeting your role model, I’ll just say that. Well, I think I kept my lips in their proper position, but when I was taking the first photo with Amy, she commented, “Ooh, my lips are sticking to my teeth!” Haha, it was like she had heard my earlier comment or something. Or maybe we’re just meant to be BFF’s. Ya, that’s probably it.

Amy had some samples of her new organic fabrics displayed, which were all beautiful! They were so soft and would be fantastic for making so many different things.

A BIG thank you to Amy Butler for being so sincere and kind, and another big thank you to Material Girls Quilts for making this happen!

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  1. Sounds like you had great time! That’s really neat that you got the chance to have a conversation with her. Sounds like one of your dreams has come true! Congrats again!

  2. Thats totally wonderful so happy that you got to meet her and had the chance to chat :)

    I would love to meet her one day too actually i would love to meet all fabric designers/sewing bloggers as you’ve all been my inspiration for creating and for believing in my dream.

  3. Isn’t she the nicest?! (and so stylish?) I was able to meet her here in Germany a couple of months ago w/a friend and we were like giddy schoolgirls, ha ha! We were so glad we didn’t freak her out, LOL!

  4. how cool abby! I got to meet her at market last year and probably looked like a deer in headlights. I bet you’re excited for market!

  5. What a wonderful opportunity for you!! That is a lovely photo, perfect to frame up for the sewing room!

  6. that would be complete awesomesauce to meet amy!! so cool! just found your blog and i LOVE. going to try out the soho maxi dress this week! thanks! :)

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