DIY No Sew Ruffled Tree Skirt

No Sew Ruffle Tree Skirt

Is your tree still looking a little bare? Today I have a remedy for you, and am sharing how to make an easy DIY No Sew Ruffled Tree Skirt!

No Sew Ruffle Tree Skirt

Grab a few of your favorite fabrics, and you’ll have a completely custom and unique tree skirt! I wanted to replace my DIY Ruched Christmas Tree Skirt this year, and this was just what I needed!

No Sew Ruffle Tree Skirt

By using woven fabrics, the raw edges of the fabric will naturally fray, creating a lovely shabby chic look! As an alternative, you could also use non-woven fabrics (felt, knit, etc) for non-frayed edges. Another alternative is to sub the glue gun for your sewing machine if you’d prefer, and also finish the raw edges with your sewing machine/serger for a cleaner look.

No Sew Ruffle Tree Skirt

For another fun no-sew DIY Christmas project, make these sweet Paper Gingerbread Houses (includes free SVG cut files!).

cricut paper gingerbread house

I loved the look of the grey faux suede with the white and tan linen. Great textures can really make a project and bring warmth into your Christmas decor!

DIY Christmas Tree Skirt

Here we go!

No Sew Ruffle Tree Skirt

No-Sew Ruffled Tree Skirt:
Felt – 1.5yd (for 48” tree skirt)
Fabric – 4.5yd total (I used 1.5yd each of two linen solids and 1.5yd of a faux suede found in my local Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Store)
Glue Gun
Glue Sticks
Ribbon – 2yd
Measuring Tape
Disappearing Ink Pen

*Supplies and compensation for this post provided by Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores. All content, photography, and opinions are my own.*

To make tree skirt base, fold felt in half, and then half again in opposite direction as illustrated. Use measuring tape to measure and mark 24” from corner point (where folds meet) along each folded edge, and 24” from corner point toward center of fabric, marking every few inches. Join marks to form quarter circle and cut along curved line.

To make opening for tree skirt, repeat steps above, measuring 3” from corner point (to form 6” finished opening). No Sew Ruffle Tree Skirt No Sew Ruffle Tree Skirt

With felt still folded, cut along one fold to form slit. No Sew Ruffle Tree Skirt

Cut 4” wide strips of fabric from each fabric, removing selvedges. No Sew Ruffle Tree Skirt

Lay strips out on felt to determine desired spacing. Remember that strips will need to overlap each strip below. No Sew Ruffle Tree Skirt

Heat glue gun and place a 2” line of glue at one slit edge, 3-3 ½” from outer curved edge. Press top edge of one fabric strip into glue, then scrunch with fingers to form ruffled look (let ½” of strip overhang at slit). Be careful not to burn your fingers! It’s helpful to place the glue ¼” below where the top of the strip will be to allow it to expand when pressed. No Sew Ruffled Tree Skirt

Continue to glue and scrunch fabric strips, working in 2-4” sections. Repeat for remaining rows (see tip below). After each row, fold overhanging strip edges to back of slit and glue to secure in place. No Sew Ruffle Tree SkirtNo Sew Ruffle Tree Skirt No Sew Ruffle Tree SkirtTIP: If desired, use disappearing ink pen and measuring tape to measure and mark placement of each row (my strips were each 3” apart). No Sew Ruffle Tree Skirt

Once all rows have been attached, cut 6 12” pieces of ribbon. Optional: use lighter or match to carefully seal one end of each ribbon piece to protect it from fraying. No Sew Ruffle Tree Skirt

Glue ribbon to back of tree skirt along slit edges, spacing evenly on each side. No Sew Ruffle Tree Skirt

Awesome job! No Sew Ruffle Tree Skirt

Now enjoy your new no-sew ruffled tree skirt! No Sew Ruffle Tree SkirtMore Christmas DIY projects for you to enjoy:

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