Boy’s Vest Pattern – A Schoolboy Vest for Christmas

Boy's Vest Pattern

I’ve had a lot of fun sharing my kids’ Christmas outfits this week, and today I get to show you what I made for my boys and some photos off all my sweethearts together! You can see Hattie’s dress here, Lola’s dress here, and today is all about the Schoolboy Vest I made for Weston, along with a couple of accessories I made for Wyatt.

Kids Sewing PatternsKids Sewing Patterns

These four are the light of my life and certainly keep life interesting. I love to co-ordinate their outfits with their personalities, and this year I think they matched up well ;).

Kids Sewing PatternsKids Sewing PatternsKids Sewing Patterns

Sewing a vest for Christmas for at least one of my boys has become a tradition ever since I made the first Schoolboy Vest prototype a few years ago. This boy’s vest pattern has since become my go to for so many occasions!

Boy's Vest PatternBoy's Vest Pattern

This year I decided to make one for Weston and gave Wyatt a different look, with a simple handmade leather bowtie with more of the repurposed leather I also used for this bag.

Boy's Bowtie Pattern

I also made him a 30-second belt using some more leather I had on hand and a belt buckle from another one of his belts.

Boy's Bowtie Pattern

For Weston’s vest, I used Robert Kaufman Herringbone Shetland Flannel in Chestnut. I have really been loving Kaufman’s solids/semi-solids lately and this one was no exception!

Boy's Vest PatternBoy's Vest Pattern

Because I started sewing this vest at 11pm the night before our photo shoot was planned, I opted for faux welt pockets, and left off the back tie as well to save on time.

Boy's Vest PatternBoy's Vest Pattern

His bowtie was also made a few years ago with this tutorial, but it was just the color I wanted to didn’t see a reason to make a new one. It’s kind of been the gift that keeps on giving over the years, hehe.

Boy's Vest PatternBoy's Vest Pattern

You can get your own copy of this boy’s vest pattern, the Schoolboy Vest, here in our shop!

Boy's Vest Pattern


  1. Beautiful kids and a great job with the colors and just everything. The only thing is. The bottom button is to be left open on a vest. I don’t know why but that’s what they say in all the men’s stores. My son will tell everyone he sees with the bottom button buttoned. I told him I wasn’t even going to cut the buttonhole anymore. lol

  2. Oh I love this! What a great color too!! All of your kids are adorable.

  3. I love the flannel for the vest! And I’m impressed that you managed to get photos with four kids all smiling! ;-)

  4. You have such beautiful kids Abby! They all look amazing!!

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