Snuggle pants for Wyatt.

I made these “snuggle” pants for Wyatt last week. I have had the sweatshirt fleece fabric forever after finding it in the $1/yard isle at Walmart. I didn’t use a pattern, I just used a pair of cute Gap sweats he has that are getting a bit snug on him as a guide to draft a new pattern. Thanks to my serger they were super fast to make, and he loves them! I’m now wondering why I haven’t been sewing more knits with my serger all this time. I’ve been so intimidated by knits but they’re actually pretty forgiving to sew with, especially with a serger. Now I just need to make some snuggle pants for myself, I guess it would at least get me out of my pajama pants in the morning. Not that I ever wear pajamas all day… That would be ridiculous…
p.s. Although I made up my own pattern, if you want to make pants for your child (or yourself!), Dana at Made has this great tutorial.

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  1. Abby, you are too funny. they look so comfy – I might have to make some for myself. Wyatt is such a cutie, we sure miss that little guy!! And you too of course!

  2. Wyatt is getting so big! You are so talented…snuggle pants are the way to go. As I near the end of my second trimester I’m pretty certain I could use some snuggle pants too ;) Happy New Year. That pic of your sister’s little girl is sweet!

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