The Knocked Up Seafarer


During the first and second trimesters of this pregnancy, my Seafarers were definitely my most worn tops. They were roomy enough for my growing belly, and the long length was great. However, now that I’m in the third trimester, I thought it would be a good time to make a few adjustments to the original pattern to make the perfect maternity top!


I bought the knit at Mood Fabrics last spring during Fabric Weekend, and it was fun to finally use it! I think I might even have just enough leftover to squeak out a top for Lola.


Here’s a quick run down of the changes I made…

I cut my normal size medium for the top half, and tapered the side seams out to a large for the bottom half. I could have given myself even more room, but that’s the great thing about sewing with knits – the stretch is so forgiving!


I also added an inch to the front hem (of the main body, not the waistband), curving down from the bottom of each side seam. The extra length should be plenty to get me through to the end of this pregnancy which will be nice.


I ended up adding a bow out of the same fabric along the neckline after seam ripping a dang hole into the top. So frustrating, but in the end I liked the little bit of subtle detail that it added.


Now I just need to make myself a few more of these. I have plenty of maternity shirts, but since this is my fourth baby, I think I’m just sick of them after wearing them so much. Know the feeling? Anyway, hope you have a happy Monday!


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  1. beautiful job lady!!! ha, love the post title, too. The fit is so great and looks so wearable and comfy. Love it!

  2. Oh Abby, you look adorable! Such a cute pregnant lady:). Love how you changed the shirt, and love the title, ha!

  3. Can’t tell you how grateful I am to have you post the changes you made. I am new to sewing clothes and would have had to make a few “test” shirts before I got it right. I know this will be the perfect maternity shirt for me and my hubs just bought me a new sewing machine for Christmas so I cannot wait to try it out!! I will probably allow myself a little more room on the sides like you mentioned. 5 more weeks to go wahoo!!

  4. I just bought this pattern when you had a sale thinking I would make some for after baby arrives. Now I just might have to try one out with your suggested adjustments! I’m a little over half way so it might be a little harder to adjust to where I can wear it to the end. BUT, I bet I could adjust later and wear it post pregnancy as well. Now I’m excited. LOL

  5. I love it! I totally plan on making some mat tops this round as well, I give most of mine away after each pregnancy because I get soooo sick of them. I’ll have to try this mod, and I also want to play with Kate’s peplum pattern to make some tunic / dresses too.

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