The search for my perfect shirt pattern… McCalls 5388.

You know how you have the “perfect shirt” in mind? I think we all probably know what ours would look like, and will probably never find it! I decided that I’d give this pattern a try in an attempt to get closer to my perfect shirt. I wanted gathered sleeves, fitted around the shoulders but looser around the abdomen, something really comfortable, and something that I wouldn’t have to wear a Shade or camisole under. I normally like wearing layers, but it’s nice to just have one layer when you’re nursing a baby.

I used McCall’s 5388 pattern View D. I had previously read a bunch of different reviews for the pattern on Pattern Review, and followed some of the recommended changes, and also made some more changes of my own. Although I adjusted the neckline and yoke, I need to change it even more for my next shirt using this pattern if I don’t want to have to layer the shirt.

I will post my own review of the pattern soon. The fabric I used is not my favorite (a little too teeny-boppperish), but I’m glad I used it because I have cuter fabric waiting for my next shirt, where I can make some more changes and maybe finally have the perfect shirt :). Okay, I won’t hold my breath on the perfect shirt thing, but I am glad I did a “trial” shirt first before cutting into my good fabric.

On a side note, have you emailed me your Flashback Friday yet and entered the giveaway?

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  1. One strange question…is it knit? It looks great and I love it but I am very afraid of knits. I really don’t know why.

  2. I looks fantastic on you. I’m always on the search for the perfect basic patterns. I’ll have to file this away to check out.

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